Waterlogged on the Two Rivers Tour

On Saturday, I did the Two Rivers Tour in Columbus, Ohio with two friends from the Akron Bicycle Club. It was quite a water-logged adventure. When the tour started, it was cloudy and a little chilly. So we set off. Then, the rain came. But it kept coming and going, so we pressed on. By the halfway rest stop, it was pretty much raining continuously. I was freezing because I was in a hurry in the morning, and I couldn’t find my rain jacket.

“Well, it probably won’t rain,” I thought hopefully.

This is Ohio. This is spring. I should have known better. Especially since weather.com was reporting showers for that area. But I was optimistic. Maybe it was wrong?

Ugh. I should always rember to bring my rain jacket. Shame on me. While I was riding, I wasnt that cold. As soon as we stopped at the end of the ride, I started to shiver.

The rain during the ride was the worst I ever rode through, in fact. All I kept thinking in my head was the line from the movie _Four Weddings and a Funeral_ where at the end, the Carrie character is standing in the rain trying to woo back Hugh Grant. She says, “I’m all right. There comes a point when you’re so wet you cant get any wetter.”

That’s how I felt.

I also got the song, “Dont Fear the Reaper” stuck in my head because of the one line that goes:

Seasons don’t fear the reaper
Nor do the wind, the sun, or the rain (we can be like they are)

Funny, the things that go on in your head when you’re trying to forget the suffering.

We did complete the ride, which was supposed to be 40 miles, but turned out to be 48 instead (registered rides always do that.)

I included a picture of myself and my “team” – Michael and Bruce. The picture was taken at the start of the ride. Before we knew the hell that lay ahead.

Oh well. As they always say, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Right?

I hope this adventure loaded me up on my ride rain karma for the year. After that rain, I shouldnt have to get caught in the rain while riding for the rest of the year… Right?

Huh. Somehow I think not.

In my next entry, I will begin including my total ride mileage for the year. I dont know what it is yet (I need to go look at the computer on my bike and do the math from what the number was at the start of April.)

Until then, remember: Two wheels propelled by your legs is more environmentally friendly than gas-driven vehicles! And much better for your health, too!


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