Italy, T Minus 28 Hours to Departure

I depart Cleveland on a plane to Cincinnati at 2:55pm tomorrow. I arrive in Cincinnati and hour later. Three and a half hours of layover in Cinci, and then I catch a 7:30pm flight to Rome. Nine and a half hours of absolutely boring flight time. I’m actually hoping I fall asleep on this flight. I was awake for the entire nine hours of my flight from Frankfurt to Philadelphia in 2005, and let me tell you, it SUCKED royally. I had finished the book I was reading on the way to Europe on a train from Amsterdam to Munich. I thought I could pick up another book at the aiport; however, all the books I found in the airport bookstores were in German. My German isn’t that good.

After the nine hour flight to Rome, I will have to change planes for an Al Italia flight to Venice. Whew! Three layovers. That’s going to suck big time. The getting there and coming back is always the worst part of traveling. I’m anxiously awaiting the invention of the transporter. Can you imagine? In the winter, I’d be able to ski in Colorado any time I wanted to, and still be back in Ohio in time to meet up with my friends for a movie in the evening. I could have sushi in Japan during my lunch hour. You wouldn’t have to spend a week with your in-laws for Christmas — you could simply show up on Christmas day, and then run off to your next obligation halfway across the globe.

Of course, if we had transporters and no airplanes, they’d probably charge you an airplane-sized fare for use of the transporter. Nothing fun comes for free. But it would sure save a lot of that nasty travel time and jet lag. No more delays, keeping you from getting to where you want to go. We wouldn’t have to depend on the whims of Mother Nature.

How would you fuel a transporter? I wonder. Did they ever explain that in Star Trek? Supposedly in the future of the Star Trek universe, we have already solved all of our environmental and fuel problems (except the humpback whales are extinct). So you can bet however transporters run, it’s fuel-efficient! We also supposedly no longer use money (reference Star Trek IV and, I believe, it was mentioned once in Deep Space Nine). I couldn’t ever quite grasp how a society could run without the use of money. Did they go back to bartaring? Say, let me take a trip on your transporter; I’ll write you a great review of the trip in the local newspaper (I am a writer, afterall. These are my wares to sell.) Would you do Captain Kirk’s job without pay?

Anyway, so, it’s still the 21st century and I still have to use this barbaric contraption known as an airplane to get to and fro. To get into outerspace, I’d have to light thousands of tons of fuel beneath my ass to muster the velocity to break the pull of gravity. And then where would you go? We dont even have lightspeed capability, or sub-warp for that matter. Getting to Mars (my proported home) would take months. I would love to live in a time where getting to Italy takes 2 minutes and a trip to Mars takes the nine and half hours.

My mom cringes as she reads that. She doesn’t like the thought of me traveling into outerspace. Even though half my family already thinks I live there. ;)

Well, anyway, Mars Girl embarks tomorrow on her trip to Italy. Meanwhile, in Seattle, WA, my friend, Sarah and her husband, Shawn, excitedly await the birth of their first child. The baby is due Saturday (? I think ?). We’re simultaneously embarking on our own exciting adventures where the future is less certain than it is today. I wish the best to them and will be checking my email in Italy for updates. (Although, one of my coworkers just told me that sometimes babies are pretty late, and she might not actually have it until I get back. For her sake, I hope not!)

I’m going to try to write a blog entry or two while I’m out there, but I’m making no promises. They certainly won’t be as long as my normal entry (to which you’re probably thankful). Internet time is expensive when you’re paying by the minute!

I better be buff when I come back. One week of 30-35 mile day riding, and all. And so summer officially starts…



3 thoughts on “Italy, T Minus 28 Hours to Departure

  1. Thanks for the shoutout! The due date is tomorrow, no signs of labor yet, though, so it may be a week or so late…time will tell!

  2. Okay – so how’s the trip? Where are you at? Are you covered in Spaghetti Sauce? Seduced any Italian Stallions? Goosed any Gladiators? Guzzled any Vino? Don’t keep us in suspense! Tell all! Can one *actually* cycle au natural?

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