Have You Seen This Man?

The man in this photo would like it to be known across my meager internet readership that he is, quote, “quite single” and currently accepting applications/photos from young, single, and “hot” women. He can be located cycling around the Cuyahoga Valley with the ABC on a given Thursday night. Follow the distinctive laughter to the cyclist who will most assuredly be extolling the virtues of having only two front gear rings as he huffs up one of the many hills out of the valley. But if you’re cute and female, he might forgive you for having that extra gear ring in the front.

If your idea of a great bike ride is up hills or in a torential downpour, be sure to sign on for a ride lead by Bruce. He could always use a woman or two to counter-balance the quota of males who show up for his rides. So, please, girls, step forward and give this wingman his day in the sun. =)


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