Dreams of summer from a bike nerd

With winter soltice breathing down my neck, I already registered for the MS 150 ride on June 28-29th, 2008. Why? Well, they just opened registration! I couldn’t help myself. I know that I will do the ride, regardless, so I mine as well just put the money down now. I usually sign up in January, anyway. But I figured I’d be signing up for TOSRV in January as soon as registration for it opens.

Okay, I know, I’m a real bona fide bike nerd. I haven’t even gotten to use my new skis and I’m already registering for bike events in 2008. Don’t worry; I will hold back from posting the donation link until at least March. Though, maybe I should post it now, since everyone’s in the giving and money spending spirit… Hmmm… =) Last chance for a 2007 tax deduction…

Well, maybe I’ll post the link tonight after I’ve updated the website with a picture from the 2007 ride…

4 thoughts on “Dreams of summer from a bike nerd

  1. Meh. I wouldn’t say you’re a bike nerd just for registering early. A month ago my wife and I registered for our ADA ride which isn’t until the summer.I just call it being proactive.And I wanted the free shirt.And yes, you are still probably bike nerd. :)And no, that’s not a bad thing.

  2. No, wait until after I post the link for the Diabetes Tour De Cure so that I can get the donations from our mutual friends first! Maybe I should actually register for that ride first, though, before scheming for pledges ;)

  3. You can sign up for the diabetes ride (that’s what James was talking about in the entry above). Apparently, you can get a free t-shirt for signing up early…

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