Making snow angels, shoveling driveways

I spent today staining my bay window and the trim around my patio slider, which I didn’t feel too guilty about wasting the day to do this since a blizzard has come through Northeast Ohio. It’s kind of nice, actually, watching snow fall, and subsequently get blown around in the 35mph wind gusts that happen now and then.

Well, after a day indoors, I went outside to shovel my driveway since we accumulated about 4 inches and I am sure that my car would not be able to make it out of the driveway tomorrow if I didn’t. I am starting to think a snow blower is a good investment. Though, shoveling my driveway for an hour was the only exercise I got all day, so maybe I should just continue to do without a snow blower.

Sidebar: I once got in big trouble as a kid when I blew the surprise for my mom to my dad that he was getting a snow blower for Christmas. I told him it was in the barn, even.

Anyway, after shoveling the drive, I hopped into the yard to make a snow angel. When I talked to my ten-year old godson Dylan on the phone yesterday, and I told him it was starting to snow here, he asked me if I had made a snow angel. He lives in Florida and also told me that it feels like summer outside. Thanks, kid. They start the taunting so early these days.

I took a picture of the snow angel (left) so that I could e-mail it to him. A reminder of the things you can’t have when your winter is like summer. Too bad he doesn’t know the joys of skiing, which I’m going to partake in soon if the weather doesn’t change and melt this magnificent white fluffy stuff away!


2 thoughts on “Making snow angels, shoveling driveways

  1. I kept pestering Jeff to go outside and make snow angels with me, but he wouldn’t. And since we have 4 wheel drive vehicles, we had no reason to go outside and shovel so…no snow angels in our yard.

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