Reader Roll Call!

I’ve been getting a lot of comments lately when out socializing where people mention that they’ve been reading my blog. I become momentarily confused as I try to trace down how this particular person may have gotten my blog address. Not that I’m upset; in fact, my narcissistic artist ego loves the attention. I guess often times I feel like I’m writing into a void, especially when I write entries about widowhood. I hear the sound of crickets and I wonder if I’ve gone too far in expounding on my emotional state or my political views. I suppose my ego wants constant validation. Of course, I know that I’m not great every time or that you may not necessarily have anything to say every time.

I want to know who my lurkers are–those of you who read avidly but never comment. Drop a comment and identify yourself. Use an alias, if you must. Tell me how you found my blog (I know I’ve got it listed almost everywhere) and what subject you most enjoy reading about. Are you a blog stalker–someone who checks in every day to see if I’ve posted anything new?

I promise not to pick on you too much. Feed my ego! I might even let you criticize my ego, if you must. Though, remember, you do choose to read this blog so I’m not sure I’ll really take your criticism to heart…

And next time, I’ll return to boring you with my regular rambling posts, which may include an exposition of the surprising discovery of a stout beer that I actually like. Of course, it’s seasonal.


20 thoughts on “Reader Roll Call!

  1. Me me me! Oh, but I’m not exactly a lurker, am I? For those of you who don’t who I am, I’m Heidi’s friend, fellow Hiram English-major and college drinking buddy (I’m the one who taught her how to do shots! Oh, hi Mr. & Mrs. Emhoff!).

  2. I haven’t been reading long enough to be called a lurker and I certainly wouldn’t criticize what are your very personal thoughts. I might, in the future, share some of my thoughts, too.

  3. Alison from Hiram here, de-lurking! I found you not too long ago on either Joanna’s blog or Frank’s… not sure which…and I’ve been an avid reader ever since. I’m sorry you feel like you are writing into a void sometimes. You’re not! I’ll try to be a better commenter from now on.

  4. Oh, I didnt want to make you feel like you HAD to comment. At least, I just wanted people to comment on this one. You dont have to say anything on the other topics. I’m just taking attendance. =)

  5. Well, I was a lurker before I mentioned to you, in a social setting, that I’d been reading your blog. I found it originally by googling you…and following the first hit that included the word Mars in the webpage.

  6. Well, I originally started this blog to talk about my grief recovery and how cycling helped push me out of grief. I am too cowardly to pour my soul on paper into a memoir that would only get rejected if I tried to publish it. Writing has helped me deal with grieving and I guess a part of me out there has sought to find other young widows/widowers, or other people dealing with grief, whom I could somehow help by making them feel less alone. I’ve probably failed in my quest to do this altogether in this blog. I’m probably horrible at writing about my political views. My theology is weak, probably making the atheists/agnostics roll their eyes and the real faithful think I’m really dense. But faith–however weak mine may be–also ultimately pulled me out of the grieving too.I guess I talk too much about grieving. Even though I’m in the day again, I still have things to deal with. Ever since my husband died, it has been a part of my life that I cant erase.

  7. Frank from Hiram here. I figured if you were gonna stalk my blog, well, then maybe I better keep you on your toes, too!Writing is a weird thing. You can send your message-in-a-bottle out into the universe, not sure if its reaching anybody or if they even care. But I have always been surprised when I hear the responses people have had to things I’ve written or said. Many people have come into my life and things they have said have stuck with me forever, but on only a few occassions have I actually told them. Crazy world we live in. Sometimes we think the world is better off if no one knows our thoughts, but it would probably be a most wonderful place if everybody knew what everybody was thinking. We forgot how many positive things we are thinking about other people.Far be it from me to tell you what to write about, but I suggest you write about what you feel. I read your stuff about your husband’s death, and I don’t always know what to say. Sometimes I do have thoughts. A lot of times, people may not be able to gauge how ready someone may be to hear their opinions, so they err on the side of not speaking up. I wonder if this or that comment is going to be received well or not, or am I not being sensitve enough? I hear you say that you want responses, so I may just do that more often!

  8. I stumbled upon your blog via Joanna’s blog. I’m a lurker who checks in once in a while to see what fellow Hiramites are up to these days. Just nosy I guess :)

  9. Yup, you caught me.I just came for the weather. And I found some engaging intellectual streams of consciousness.If you guess who am I, I’ll buy you your favorite beer at the Lizard some Thursday night.Be more gooder than badder, and get some base miles in, TOSRV is just around the corner.TTFN

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