Happy Birthday, Mindy Nelson, Where ever you are…

March 8th, I remembered this morning, is the birthday of a former Hiram classmate, Mindy Nelson. It may be one-sided, but I have a knack for remembering the birthdays of people born in March. Mindy was one of those crazy friends you could get completely nuts with on a Saturday night like this where the weather has you trapped indoors or as a pedestrian. I think everyone’s had one of those friends in their lives.

Mindy has gone missing. No one seems to know where she is and some of us have desperately missed her fits of silliness over the last several years. We’ve tried googling her, but you know, “Mindy Nelson” or even her proper name of “Melinda Nelson,” is not exactly unique enough to yield the kind of revealing results that brings one conclusively to the person you’re looking for. And the number of results is mind-numbing, to say the least.

Anyway, thanks to Diane for going through her nostalgia boxes tonight and locating what she has dubbed as the “last known picture of Mindy Nelson” at her graduation. What year was that? 1999? 2000? (She was supposed to graduate with the class of 1997, but she took the “extended study plan” as it were, which only allowed her to become the legend of additional classes of Hiramites.)

If anyone has seen this woman, please let me know! Or share your stories about wild nights with Mindy. I can’t post all of mine, as some of them involve activities that may be deemed illegal and thus bar me from future election to office…


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mindy Nelson, Where ever you are…

  1. Heidi wrote: I can’t post all of mine, as some of them involve activities that may be deemed illegal and thus bar me from future election to office…Diane cackles evilly, knowing that she has a good majority of the photos in her possession ;)But for the benefit of your other readers, let me post one of my most memorable Mindy stories that won’t cause the FCC to shut your blog down. I hope. During our senior year at Hiram (our meaning Heidi and me), Heidi and I became serious Kareoke junkies. And Mindy worked at the bar. When her shift ended, she’d stick around and drink with the rest of us. One night, after the bar closed Mindy and I started our trek across campus to our respective dorms. Mindy was about eight sheets to the wind, and being her concerned and much more sober friend, I tried to convince her to come hang out in my dorm’s lounge for a while. But Mindy stood her ground under a tree on campus, declaring that when she gets like this she didn’t want anyone else to feel responsible for her and that she could take care of herself.Well, I was really, really, really tired at the time, and knew that I wouldn’t be able to convince her to follow me, so I told Mindy, “OK, good night!” and left for my dorm. The next day, Mindy found me on campus and cried, “Oh my God, Diane, you won’t believe what happened to me after you left!” Apparently after I left, Mindy fell asleep. On campus. Under that tree. She didn’t wake up until someone walking their dog the next morning happened upon her. Please don’t think any less of me. I was really, really, really tired!

  2. She used to relentlessly pick on me because I thought the word “queue” was pronounced “qwee.” She used to see me on campus and shout, “QWEE!” and she would message that to me whenever I was online. Also, one time, I wrote her a serious email about how something was interwoven in ever “faucet” of my being, and I really meant “facet” and she never let me live that one down either.(My inane problem of inserting the wrong word in certain phrases is what earned me the nickname of “Fritzy” from my husband… I meant to say “frisky.” Dar.)I remember being blasted out of my mind for the first time ever (last day of freshman year after finals). We were in someone’s dorm room (Lisa?) and they had a disco ball. Mindy and I lay on the floor, naming the dots made my the disco ball on the wall. I think we had our favorite one, which we called “Harold.” We declared our love for Harold through drunken ballads and soliloquies. That was the night of Gracie’s Bogus Wine and my over indulgence of it. (“I’m drinking it like Pepsi!” I exclaimed at one point.) Ahh… good times, good times…

  3. Excuse me, the first time I got drunk was the last day of SOPHOMORE year. That just shows you how long it took me to lose my “good girl” aura…

  4. Oh yes, Harold! And Marnie and I had to keep yanking the jug of Bogus Wine away from you so you’d stop drinking it – I think one of us finally dumped it out so you couldn’t get to it anymore. I think I have some photos of us walking across campus after leaving Harold….Of course, the greatest Mindy Moment of them all – even greater than her falling asleep under a tree – was the Ryder Road Incident. *shudder* ;)

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