I’m a lean, mean riding machine

Faster than a speeding bullet….

Lately, some of my cycling friends and I have discovered some, let’s say, inherent problems with these fancy wireless bicycle computers.

Last night, I was riding down Graham Road, trying to squeeze in a few extra miles around my neighborhood so that I could get my total to 20 miles (the loop I did was 17). I happened to glance down at my computer and, for just a split second, the speed flashed 62.5.

It’s a funny thing when you see something absolutely fantastical. I actually shook my head in disbelief as the reading flashed to 15mph, as though it never showed anything different. When I turned off to the next road, I toggled the display to show my max speed, just to make sure I’d really seen what I thought I saw, and–lo!–there it was: 62.5mph.

Of course, this is wildly inaccurate. I don’t think I could really go 62.5 mph if I was riding down a 90-degree incline. Well, maybe. Still, the highest speed I’ve ever gotten was something in the range of 42mph on Bellus Road in Hinckley. (I usually brake a lot, but that’s one of the few roads I actually let go on.)

This same odd behavior with the wireless computer occurred with my friend Bruce last year on the infamous Two Rivers Tour. We went under some rather large and buzzing power lines and the next thing Bruce knew, he was apparently clipping along at 55 mph.

While entertaining to see your max speed hit impossible rates, these kind of incidents can be a little irritating. It’s messing around with my overall average! I think next time I buy a computer, I’m going to go back to the good old fashioned wires. Yeah, they distract from the beauty of your bicycle (especially if it’s a Giant), but then, you know your average speed is calculated correctly.


2 thoughts on “I’m a lean, mean riding machine

  1. I think that’s even faster than Ernie can go down Highland with a tailwind. Congratulations. Sometimes my heart rate monitor does some strange things. One time, it had me at over 200 bpm. I felt like a hummingbird. Maybe it was picking up a signal from someone who actually can obtain that and not die. Most likely, these things just occasionally go haywire.Bob Whittington

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