Glimpses of TOSRV

Last night, Michael and I looked at the still pictures he took at TOSRV as well as viewed–for the first time!–our video footage of the tour, which mostly consisted of us reporting our status at each rest stop and reading our stats. It’s kind of funny to watch because you can see how unhappy I was the morning of the second day, and you can see my shaken defeat at Waverly. I wish we’d had time to take more footage.

While I was doing the ride, I thought it would be really cool to put together a video documentary of TOSRV. I’d done a little documentary type of writing in a nonfiction class in college and actually find it quite fun. I remember a paper our professor had us write about a subculture. Back then, I was not really a part of any interesting subcultures; since then, I’ve found myself in quite a few that would have been worthy of a great paper (cycling, amateur astronomy, sky-diving). I really have an interest in perhaps writing a piece or doing a documentary on this sort of thing. If I did it for TOSRV, though, I’d probably have to forgo riding one year and just kind of wander around taking footage of the route and the riders. It sure would be a great piece, though. I can see it all in my head. If I did it, it would probably sell for many of the TOSRV participants. Maybe I should aim for the 50th anniversary in two years…? Hmmm…

Anyway, getting beyond my dreams of creative avarice, the real reason I opened this blog entry was to share with you some of the pictures from our ride. So, here they are in chronological order.

Along a canal–or what looked one–between Columbus and Circleville on the first day.

Downtown Chillicothe, First Day
(As Michael keeps reminding me, our state’s first capital city.)

Overview of the mural that now welcomes TOSRV riders to Portsmouth. (Really, you have to see this in person. This photo barely does it justice! The mural is a marvel to study, for some real people are depicted–inside jokes and cultural knowledge only longtime TOSRV riders can fully grasp.)

Heidi and Michael stand together like Siamese twins in park after the first day.

Two drowned rats stand together with their TOSRV certificates at the end of the ride. The gold seal signifies a completion both days of TOSRV. (Half TOSRVs are designated in, I think, silver?)

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