Best maid-of-honor toast ever (okay, maybe I’m biased)

Mars Girl & Angy at the “I love you, man” hour of the party.
(Yes… I’m a little tipsy… notice the red face.)

Maid-of-honor toast below delivered on May 31, 2008 for my cousin, Angy, on her wedding day at the Bear Valley Lodge in Bear Valley, CA.

I met Angy when we were very young at my Aunt Sue’s wedding. Because she lived in California, and I in Ohio, she was to me this mysterious cousin I didn’t know I had. We were close enough in age that we hit it off immediately. She and I spent the entire night dancing in our best imitation of the adults, which looked something like this [demonstrated our arm swinging slow dance move — you’d have to see it to get it.]

Perhaps you’ll get to see us reprise this performance tonight when the music starts. You’ll see that we can cut the rug with the best of the five-year olds!

Our grandma, who recently passed away, used to call us her Snow White and Rose Red after the two fairytale sisters with blonde and brunette hair. This sentiment always reflected to me the kinship I felt with Angy–she was the sister I always wanted and never had.

Though we didn’t live close to each other, we corresponded erratically through letters and our grandma to whom we always inquired about each other. When family gatherings or a vacation brought us together, we always managed to find special time together. Here are some of my best memories of Angy, the ones that warm my heart whenever I think of them:

– In the 1980s, as young teenagers, she taught me how to rat my hair so that it would stand up straight with the help of some hairspray to glue it in place.

– One summer when I was visiting California, we made dozens of paper dolls, complete with entire clothing lines and accessories and, yes, even pets for our made up people. We gave them first, middle, and last names and invented families for them reflecting our own large family.

– On my grandma’s Apple IIe, we played a computer game in which you led a rabbit through a maze. I liked to smash the rabbit against the maze walls because it would angrily react with “args” and “oafs” and it would stamp its foot. Angy, ever the animal lover, would get annoyed at me for doing this to the computerized rabbit and forced me to stop. We changed the maze game player to a gnome, which she let me smash into the walls. (I guess gnome abuse is okay by Angy!) It was her love of animals that earned her the nickname of “Angy Rabbit” which my dad used to call her.

There are many more memories I could share, but I have to end this toast so that everyone can eat before midnight. It’s been a real pleasure having Angy in my life as my surrogate sister. I was touched when she asked me to be the maid-of-honor in her wedding. I’ve been a bridesmaid many times, but this wedding is the most special one I’ve ever been asked to be in because my relationship with Angy is the oldest of all my friends. I really am happy for her and the life she is starting with Peter. I wish that I had a son of my own so that he could find a brotherly relationship in Angy’s soon-to-be son like the sisterly one that she and I shared.

So let’s raise our glasses in the toast that I always give to my friends on their wedding day when they dare to let me speak. In the words of Mr. Spock from Star Trek: Angy and Peter, live long and prosper!

4 thoughts on “Best maid-of-honor toast ever (okay, maybe I’m biased)

  1. what a great toast! I really had fun hanging out with you at the winery. Our next visit will have to be longer. I hope you’ll come to Seattle for the STP next year!!

  2. Sarah, it was soooo nice to see you and meet up with the “infamous Max.” He really is just as cute in person as he is in photographs! Now teach him to say “Mars Girl” by the time I get there for STP. ;)

  3. I’m working on it! Today he said “Goo Ja” (Good Job)! Had his 1 year check up yesterday and the Dr. says he looks “perfect” :)I almost decided to check luggage so I could buy some wine, I really liked the Syrah, maybe that’s because it sounds like Sarah ;)? When you visit me before or after the STP we’ll have shawn watch max and we can go out and gab and catch up more without me running all over to catch Max!

  4. Hey, I had fun watching you chase Max around. His baby kneeless run is so cute to watch!! (I say kneeless because kids his age look like they are just lifting their whole leg to walk, rather than bending at the knee, which results in this funny little wobbly gait as they walk. Arms swinging in time with the wobble. Very cute!!)

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