Has Armageddon arrived? Are pigs flying?

You better be on the look out for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, for the most unlikely event has occurred: Mars Girl has actually planted a flower garden. What task is next in the list of domestic duties she has avoided her whole life? Cooking? Sewing? Knitting? It’s all over for Mars Girl. She held her friend’s little baby girl, and then met her buddy from Seattle’s toddler Max, and she starts to get a little nostalgic about home and family, and the next thing you know, she’s infected with the illness of domestic living. The world will never be the same again. The Universe has become unglued.

And dare she admit that she kind of, sort of, embarrassingly liked the chore of making the exterior of her house look loved? No, no, she would never admit that aloud, now would she?

Mars Girl abode with new flower bed,
freshly mulched.

Well, I have to admit that I couldn’t have done it without the help of my mom who rototilled the new part of the flower bed in front of the sidewalk to my porch as well as the corners of the front of my yard where I’m also planting small bushes to keep the neighbors from using my yard as a thoroughfare. I didn’t take pictures of these areas because I don’t have much on them as of now, but they are now mulched. My mom also shopped for the flowers and the mulch and basically showed me how to get started. She’ll be the resident adviser for my improvements to the overall beauty of my yard. We still have to make the level off the land where what I’ve called “Lake Mars” forms after a good rain on the other side of driveway and the backyard needs work with growing some grass and fixing its flower beds against the house. My mom has strict instructions to only guide me towards plants that are easy to take care of because, as you all well know, I’m a busy girl, traveling and cycling all over the place. I don’t have time to be a horticulturalist like my mom.

New flower bed in front of sidewalk.
(Too bad my porch looks rickety and old!)

Thanks are also owed to Michael who came out to help me finish the mulching last night so that I could ride my bike with a free conscience today and Thursday. Yay for time to work making time for play!

Older flower bed looks like new with the mulch.

Satisfied with our work, Michael and I enjoyed a glass of Emerine Estates‘ blueberry wine, which tasted great chilled on a hot pre-summer night. I must say that I feel satisfied. And, for now, I don’t need to worry about the neighbors hating me for having the sloppiest looking house on the street. To be honest, I like how nice it looks. I can’t wait to watch some of my new plants thrive!

I still have a huge mound of mulch… so there is much more awaiting me in my yard…


5 thoughts on “Has Armageddon arrived? Are pigs flying?

  1. I never thought I would like gardening much, either, even though I come from a family of gardeners. I’m still not much for flowers, but I’m all about vegetable gardening.

  2. Well, my mom did put two tomato plants up there in that front garden. The problem with my backyard is that it is really too shady for a vegetable garden. I’ve got woods back there.I hope my tomato plants thrive. My mom said she was going to try it since my front is sunny. If all goes well, I plan to be rolling in tomatoes. I can just eat those without anything else… yum… and they are so expensive at the store!!

  3. Oh my God, is that the same house? I’m going to miss your driveway for sure next time I come over; those weeds were my visual landmark ;)

  4. First I removed the pine trees, now I removed the weeds… I’m trying to make my house unrecognizable so people cant find me. ;)(The last number in my address marker on the mailbox wore off, too…)

  5. First I removed the pine trees, now I removed the weeds… I’m trying to make my house unrecognizable so people cant find me. ;)(The last number in my address marker on the mailbox wore off, too…)

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