I’m famous now!

Akron Life & Leisure magazine featured the Akron Bicycle Club (ABC) this month in an article called “Fun on Two Wheels” (hey, have they seen my blog?? Copyright infringement!). The photographer had shown up on the first Thursday night ride I did this year and, guess what, Mars Girl appears as one of the faces of ABC. I’m so glad I wore my Giant jersey that day so that I could represent for all the thinking cyclists who own the best road bike in the world! (Sorry, Trek owners, but Giant cyclists rock TOSRV; therefore we own the world.)

My good friend and ABC’s newsletter editor, Fred Wise was voice for the article. He pretty much summed the purpose of our club nicely by stating that it’s about “socializing and sharing a love of something with others.” I’m a little mystified, however, by his comment, “It’s a loosey-goosey organization.” Huh? That kind of sounds like we’re involved in some sort of group sex thing. Apparently, I’m missing something on some of those weekend long social trips I don’t attend!

Cheers to Shelley Blundell (writer) and Ray Saviciunas (photographer) of Akron Life & Liesure for a great article! It was nice to see our club so eloquently highlighted to the Akron reading audience with the familiar faces of some of our most active members. It really paints us in a respectable light and hopefully entices other people to look us up!

And… what a pretty bitchin’ action shot of me (above), wouldn’t you say? I’m not too fond of the picture in the page below. My photogenic magic only lasts for a few good shots. A picture of another club member from that same Thursday night ride also appears in the table of contents of the magazine.

(I apologize for my scanning ineptitude–I know this page is pretty crooked. But you can still read the text!)

8 thoughts on “I’m famous now!

  1. What is the deal with those people who ride their bikes in that reclined position? I see these people across town. What is the benefit? Seems like you have less power and less range of motion.

  2. Those are called recumbants. Recumbant riders swear by them. You see in that photograph Ernie, a regular from our club. He’s a very strong rider who often kicks my butt, up hills even. I think the deal is that you use different muscles. Also, they have less wind resistence because they are down lower to the ground. The bike is heavier, so that they can really tank DOWN hills. I’ve never tried to use one, but they certainly don’t seem to hinder those who ride them…. I saw one recumbant on TOSRV that looked like a luge… it was really close to the road and the guy was almost laying down…

  3. They look like dorks. Especially since they always have this little smug grin on their faces, like they know something you don’t know.

  4. The smug look is actually because they know their butt isnt going to be sore at the end of the ride, whereas yours (ours) might. ;)Actually, Ernie drives me crazy cuz, to add to the smugness of these fast recumbant riders, he has a bell, which he dings to inform you he’s passing. When I’m pushing up a hard hill and he passes me, all I can think about is where I’d love to shove that bell. ;)Of course, I love the guy, so the frustration is short.

  5. I see my grim face behind the smiley ladies at Think Spring. I also didn’t know we were in a loosey-goosey organization. That sounds a little scandalous, doesn’t it?

  6. Bob, that picture was probably about five seconds before you dropped everyone and left them to eat your dust! =)

  7. This quote from the bsnyc blog I think is applicable to the comment about recumbents:The fixter looks stupid to the roadie; the roadie looks stupid to the mountain biker; the mountain biker looks stupid to the recumbent rider; and the recumbent rider looks stupid to everyone. And all of us look stupid to the non-cyclist. No matter who you are or what you’re doing, you look stupid to somebody. We’re all a bunch of preening, posturing, self-deluded roosters. Embrace it.

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