Update on my garden

Well, my mom came over last night to help me finish planting flowers on the two mounds we built at the edges of my yard. Who am I kidding? My mom did all the work: she bought all the flowers, chose how the flowers were arranged, and planted them. I followed her with a watering can full of plant fertilizer with which I dutifully watered the plants, and then covered them back up with soil and mulch. We both added another layer of mulch to both mound gardens. Even though I didn’t do all the planning or planting, I feel as though I’ve accomplished something and my front yard looks much more loved.

“Next year, you will be able to pick your own plants, arrange them, and plant them, since you now know how to do it” my mom said happily. Maybe. But I’m still a little afraid of choosing the “wrong” plants. (You know, the “wrong” plants–the ones that get the other plants addicted to fertilizer, causing the plants to vegetate their lives away!)

It will be nice to see these plants spread out on the mounds throughout the summer. My mom picked plants that grow and spread. Most of the plants are annuals, but some of the main stuff are perennials with the same “spreading” tendency. We put in a white lilac and a blackberry bush, both of which I’m excited about. Especially the blackberries–yum!

My mom says the plants we put in last time are looking healthy. Right now, I’m trying to nurse these plants I call “tribbles” back to health in one of the gardens in front of my house. I don’t know what the plants are actually called–my mom has said it to me a hundred times, but I keep forgetting–but I like “tribbles” better. I’m calling my project to bring them back among the healthy living “Save the Tribbles!”

I’ve included some pictures of the newly planted gardens. I’m excited to see how they grow throughout the summer. I’m already worried about them getting water in August when I go to Colorado for a week. So I guess there’s a closet gardener within me.

My tomato plants (in the front garden) are looking really good. I sure hope they give me some yummy red veggie/fruit!

Mound by the driveway which now contains the white lilac.

Mound at opposite corner. The blackberry bush is in this area
(towards back of this picture–it’s still very small).

6 thoughts on “Update on my garden

  1. That would be the powerline box… But that’s at the edge of my yard where the damn neighbor kids use my yard as a sidewalk to the next yard. The garden is an attempt to stop this behavior.However, now the adults are continuing to walk right through the middle of my yard, avoiding the garden but coming up closer to my house… No one has manners anymore!(Yes, I will become that old lady shooting kids with her b-b gun from the porch.)It’s just really disrespectful of my neighbors to walk through my front yard. I’m getting really angry about it!

  2. Well, at least you didn’t cut any power lines and electrocute yourself. Just out of curiosity, did the power box have a “Do not dig” sign on it? Just wondering…

  3. I know it doesnt look like it in the picture, but we are actually a good distance away from the power box… My mom was really careful about rotitilling near there.

  4. Frank,You are not supposed to plant right next to the utility boxes, but I do anyway. I have one on each side of my front yard, and I have plants/flowers all around them. YOu would not even know they are there. I think they are an eyesore…but I know that if they need to dig up something there, too bad about my plants!Heidi, the tribbles are aka: blue fescue. It is a clumping, blue grass.I enjoyed this blog…I thought we were working together really well…I did not realize I was making all the decisions! I enjoyed that day, working in tandem with my daughter, and her letting me boss her around for old times sake!

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