The Fire (a poem)

Some hippie-dippy peacenik moment overtook me this morning while listening to a song called “Lovers in Japan” on Coldplay’s new CD, Viva La Vida. Sometimes music taps into a part of your soul that holds such love for everything and you just feel this overwhelming urge to do something beautiful. I apologize for this momentary dalliance into my overly optimistic side.

There’s a fire inside me
Surging blue like lightening from my fingertips
Jolting souls and hearts and minds
Filling the world with my fervent love.
A desire to fix and heal and forgive
Stirs my restless hands to life.

I want to push mountains aside,
Float upon the winds in the skies,
Sing breathless praises to the stars,
Feel Divine love like the sun on my back
Hold the hands of strangers and hug friends;
I want to do impossible things only dreamed.

An arch of fire spilling forth from my heart
Burns a blazing path of promise ahead
Leading to places where I know should go.
I want to run and spin and dance into the light,
Surrender to the fire that rages in my veins,
Dodge the cold water that threatens to extinguish.

So much potential fuming beneath my skin
So many ideas I’m afraid to begin.
The process of change is slow and I’m impatient;
Fire, inspire and push and move me;
Rage and ignite and enlighten me.
I’m ready for change, I’m ready to try.

Full of ideals and passion and altruism,
I’m lighting chalices with sparks from my heart,
Praying for hope and praying for peace;
I pass the flame from my palms to your fingertips
Hoping to inspire them to good work and actions
Whispered in love, breathed in compassion.

DISCLAIMER: I have not now or ever claimed to be a good poet. I know my work is amateur. As a certain English professor and a few choice friends will tell you, poetry is not my forte. I just dabble every once in awhile and I know the results are rusty. Please forgive me if I have bored you to tears with my bad attempt at expressing myself in my open-form lyrics. This was just the product of a feeling I had in a good moment…

6 thoughts on “The Fire (a poem)

  1. “So much potential fuming beneath my skinSo many ideas I’m afraid to begin.The process of change is slow and I’m impatient;Fire, inspire and push and move me;Rage and ignite and enlighten me.I’m ready for change, I’m ready to try.”I especially like this part. I don’t think you should ever apologize for what you are called to write in poetry. Poetry is pure expression- I think it is lousy that anyone would criticize what you put forth in this medium (including yourself) :-). It has been a long while since I have written poetry. It was a major outlet for me – back in the day. It mostly provided advice to myself in hard times. Ah well.I appreciate that you take the risk to share your thoughts and work to face what comes of that.

  2. Erin & Sarah,Well, you know, I’m my own worst critic… and, also, I’m extremely sensitive about my creative writing. My tech writing–you can give me constructive criticism all day and I wont bat an eye. I’m not in love with it. Of course, I have the pride of writing something concisely and being congratulated for writing a great manual (which I have been). So I see the criticism of my tech writing as information used to improve my work so that my instructions are usable. I should look at my creative writing the same way…. that when people criticize, they are just trying to help me make the piece better… But, I dont know… I pour my soul into that stuff. It hurts somehow, even when I brace myself for the impact. So I guess I stuck the disclaimer in there as a wall around my heart. If I say already that it sucks, then it wont hurt so bad when someone else criticizes.The truth is, I wrote that quickly, so I dont consider it a finished work. I think I could spend more time on it, though, and make it better at some time…

  3. The way I look at it, take the best artist there is. Maybe the Beatles, maybe Van Gogh, maybe Beethoven. Even though many people think they are the best, even they get TONS of criticism all the time and many people don’t like them or get them at all. When I realized this, I felt a huge feedom. Instead of worrying if someone is not going to like something, I can now assume that someone will not like it. Even to this day there are people thinking that the Beatles were all hype. There is no way you will write something and someone out there is not going to like it. The good news is that someone else probably will.

  4. Plus, I self-consciously always imagine my blog readers thinking, “What a self-important ass that she thinks we enjoy reading this dribble she calls poetry. She doesn’t even realize she sucks!” As they chuckle about how silly and trite my mind is.The mind of a writer…

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