Apology for abandonment

Hey, all… Sorry that I’ve not updated this blog in awhile. It’s not that I’ve not been drinking wine; I simply have not been drinking new ones to rave about yet. I know, I know–I should get in the habit of categorizing and describing all the wines that I drink. I do have a few bottles–a Merlot and a Zinfandel–that I acquired from a winery in Lodi, CA when I visited in May. As soon as I open these bottles, a review will be written. (I did drink them at the winery, but did not have tasting notes with which to describe their aroma and flavor, and since it’s been a few months, I simply remember liking them.)

I did revisit Emerine Estates to try their Deja Vu, which I did find very good. A write-up is due as soon as I open that bottle I brought home. It’s easier for me to take conscientious note of the wines when I am at home and by my computer.

Right now I have two bottles of wine open: a Chalet Debonne Merlot and a Emerine Estates Caramel Apple. The Caramel Apple is borders on being too sweet for me, but I did open it for a party I had last weekend because I knew my friends would enjoy it (probably more than me). The Debonne Merlot is okay–Ohio is not the best producer of good Merlots–and I knew it was going to be this way, but I got the bottle for free from a bicycle tour in the Ohio wine country that I rode last year. Though, I have to say that by Ohio standards, it’s a drinkable Merlot–not too desperately dry in that “dead” way that I often attribute to Merlot from the northeast states. It’s fine, but not something I’d go out of my way to buy. No, Debonne does a much, much better pinot noirsyrah blend that I love. They also have a great Chamborcin.

Anyway… not much detail there, I know. Maybe later when I’m near a wine bottle. Tonight it’s back to the Winery at Wolf Creek for an picnic dinner and drink (inspired by the description of my friend Diane’s recent birthday visit there with her husband).


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