Is there no sanity in the quest for beauty?

Today I’m making a new blog label called “WTF” (for “What the Frak?” of course) and I’m using it for all bizarre-o stories such as this one I was just enlightened to, thanks to TW’s webmail hot searches list–yes, the one I mocked last week.

Fish pedicures?! Have we really lost our minds? I can only imagine what archaeologists of the future will think of us…

Would you do this? I’m not doing this. That’s just C-R-E-E-P-Y. I get all weirded out when fish nip at me while I’m swimming in a lake. And I hate feet. They are the most vulnerable part of my body. Touch my feet, touch my soul (in the spirit of my literature hero, Kurt Vonnegut, who invented the fictional religion of Bokonism).


13 thoughts on “Is there no sanity in the quest for beauty?

  1. Yeah, I saw that that recently on a recent episode of < HREF="" REL="nofollow">I Survived a Japanese Game Show<> though I thought I had seen it before.But, I think we all lost our minds during the Pet Rock era. :)

  2. I also saw this first on that “I Survived a Japanese Game Show” episode (no, it was not the challenge – it was the reward for winning the game, a day at the spa which included the fish pedicure). And as weird as it sounds, knowing how awful my heels are right now and how I love to wear sandals or go barefoot, I would probably do this. Think about it – it’s a lot more natural than whatever those companies are doing to create those magical chemical ointments that are supposed to help rid one of that scaly, hard, dried, cracked skin on my heels that don’t work all that well on my feet anyway. Don’t worry, I won’t schedule you an appointment to go along with me ;)

  3. But it’s <>fish<>. Nibbling at your feet. Look, bed bugs do a great service in eating the dead skin and other biological matter you leave behind on your mattress, but I’m not inviting them over to house to help out.A flea has a purpose, too.And leeches.Let’s go back to the Dark Ages.I’m okay with chemicals! Give me chemicals! No bugs in my house and no fish nibbling my feet!!*Waiting for Frank to slap me.*

  4. <>Look, bed bugs do a great service in eating the dead skin and other biological matter you leave behind on your mattress, but I’m not inviting them over to house to help out.<>Sounds like some guys you’ve dated.

  5. Nope. I date good guys. None of them have been like a bed bug. I cant account for how they felt about me, however… =)

  6. Heidi, I would LOVE to get together as you suggested; however, I’m back in Atlanta. It was just a short trip back to OH. Next time, I will let you know that I am in town, and maybe we can organized a get-together! Or, if you ever want to road trip it out to ATL, you are more than welcome here.

  7. I had read this article on I think Yahoo News. I don’t like pedicures all that much as I can’t stand having them rub my heels and such down … I think this sounds a little bit more soothing, but hard to say without experiencing it. And can’t say that I am wanting to get a pedicure any time soon.What will they be doing next as “the next craze”? Or maybe I don’t really want to know.

  8. My friend Becky is going to purchase a ticket for me to visit her in Washington D.C. and after a YouTube search we found out that fish pedicures happen not too far from her home. We plan to indulge ourselves and give it a try. What fun!Pedicure the natural way.

  9. Okay, maybe I’m just afraid that the fish will be killed by my athletic and gross feet… My skin is probably cancerous to a skin-eating fish.

  10. I think pedicures are just creepy period. I think it’s kind of gross that someone or something will willingly touch the feet of someone who doesn’t take care of their feet in the first place. I’ve seen some people’s feet and I think a fish pedicure on them would fall under the category of Animal Cruelty!

  11. One of my original thoughts when posting this, but I forgot to add it was, “What will PETA say about this?!”Seems like something they’d get all hot and bothered about–people raising fish for pedicures. I usually dont get into PETA causes–I think those people are all loons–but it <>does<> seem to border on animal cruelty or improper use of animals to raise them and keep them in a little pool for people to stick their (often stinky gross) feet into for a beautification process… I dunno.. Just seems silly to me… But I do not rage against anyone’s right to partake if they deem it interesting. I’m just stating my opinion! ;)

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