Berghold Merlot

On Saturday, the bf and I went to a performance of the Cleveland Orchestra at Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls for my company’s picnic. I decided this was the perfect moment to open the bottle of Berghold Estate Winery’s Merlot that I purchased while visiting Lodi, California in May. I remembered that this was a nice semi-dry red with a slight oakey aroma and flavor that I enjoy in reds (but care not for in whites so much). So determined that I must preserve the experience in its entirety, I purchased some plastic wine glasses from BB&B an hour before leaving my house for the event. I just felt that normal disposable glasses was going to do a terrible injustice to the experience of this wine.

Well, my memory of the wine served me well. The aroma was strong but pleasant after I let it breathe a little in its glass (though plastic it was). It seemed to pair okay with the light sandwiches that we had for dinner–especially since the chicken salad sandwich was lightly flavored with dry berries. The wine didn’t overpower the food at all.

I wish I would have remembered the particular flavor of the wine… I’ve gotta get better at writing notes as I am drinking the wine rather than reflecting later on a taste that has long since been washed from my tongue. Suffice it to say, however, that the wine was memorable enough as an enjoyable experience that I would definitely buy it again.

I know Lodi has a reputation for being the cheaper, less refined wine region of California. My cousin states, though, that the area is coming into its own these days. It’s hard to believe Lodi would ever have a bad reputation, for two of my favorite wines come from this region: Earthquake Zin and 7 Deadly Zins (both bottled by the same winemaker, Michael & David Family). Perhaps I’m just not a good enough wine-drinker to distinguish greatness from Greatness. But I always accolade and buy the wines that taste good to me.

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