When the gun shoots close to home

Peacebang–one of my favorite bloggers, a UU minister who defines herself as “UU Christian”–has made her statement about the Tennessee Valley UU Church shootings. And, as usual, she was in her normal, elegant form as she urged her fellow UUs to consider activism for gun control, quoting love from the scriptures and making me like Christianity like only she and my liberal friends can.

I don’t know what I think about the gun control issue. I believe in maintaining the Constitution as written and the original Bill of Rights. However, I must admit that I feel a certain disgust at the ease with which madmen, children, and people with purposes other than hunting or self-defense in mind can get ahold of guns. Something has to be done in the system to prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands. I don’t know what–I don’t have any answers–but I know we need to do something. Our society has become embarrassingly violent and desensitized to the violence.

Thanks to Peacebang’s many readers, I have been made aware of a fund that the UUA has set up for assistance in the relief effort for the congregations of TVUUC and Westside UUC (Linda Kraeger, one of the dead victims, was a member of the second church). I, of course, donated, even though I suspect that my own church will make a special offering to this fund on Sunday. I guess I’m can’t help myself as far as these sort of things go. The last emergency donation to a nationwide story I made was to the Katrina relief fund through the Red Cross. Though this cause is particularly close to my heart because I identify myself as a UU, I have to admit that I would help any church or organization faced with such tragedy. I just can’t help myself when there’s need… I hope you feel compelled to help as well, if even only in prayer and positive energy.

7 thoughts on “When the gun shoots close to home

  1. Hi Mars Girl. I’m Julia, from Minnesota, and a fellow UU’er. I stumbled across your blog, and love the fact that I found another UU’er blog.Anyway, just wanted to thank you for your post and directing me to the fund collection. I suspect our church will do the same this weekend, but I’ll be on vacation so I’m glad to have another means by which I can donate!

  2. Hi, Julia!!I write about a variety of topics, one of which happens to be my UU spirituality/faith. Welcome to the blog!

  3. The big problem is that our society doesn’t know how to deal with problems other than with violence. If another country bothers us, our own government can’t figure out how to resolve the issue other than dropping bombs and invading and play the “we’re not talking to you” games. It is no surprise that individuals can’t figure out better ways to resolve issues with these kind of role models.

  4. The most disgusting thing about this incident is what I posted yesterday–the guy was inspired to his hatred through reading Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and Michael Savage. While I totally support freedom of speech, I do not condone all this hate mongering. It heightens people’s sensitivities and calls them civil war. I’m TIRED of this internal war of liberal v. progressive. Everyone’s angry and the tension is so high.I just got done reading a blog on fox news and I’m UTTERLY DISGUSTED by a number of so-called Christians posting defensively that the UU church is not a church of God and should not be called such, and even JUSTIFYING this man’s actions because they could see why the UU church pissed him off so much.You know, more Christian churches SHOULD be openly welcoming gays. Jesus taught LOVE. He taught that you should love EVERYONE and show them your love through your actions as a Christian. Christian churches should not be suppressing and closing out gays… People who are homosexual and need a religious home should not be tossed aside… So the UU church openly accepted gays (as is usual for UUs, which is why I love this faith so much because it professes the inherent worth and dignity of EVERYONE)… and people out there actually sympathize with the gun man.Sorry for ranting. I should not read this garbage posted by Joe Public on the internet. Joe Public scares me.Jesus would never advocate violence against another religious group. NOT EVER.

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