Baby birthday pool

Okay, folks, I’ve just corresponded via email with my favorite female cousin, often affectionately thought of as my chosen sister, and it seems she’s in the home stretch of her pregnancy. The doctor told her lil’ Grayson Martin, her son-in-womb, may be born any time from now until her due date of Septemember 10 (?). Or later, if his arrival in the world is anything like mine.

Therefore, I feel it is necessary to begin taking bets on when this baby will be born! I’ve already got my money on August 28th, as that is, as previously mentioned, my wedding anniversary. I would rather have some other memorable event on that day to help me look past the sadness and remind me that, though I often seem to think so, everything is not all about me.

So that’s my guess. You can take a stab at this game. No money required; the boon is the ultimate respect and knowledge that you guessed the right date of birth for a baby whose mother most of you probably don’t even know!

I mistakingly thought my relationship to this child would be a second cousin. Upon further research, I’ve learned that Grayson will actually be my “first cousin once removed.” That hardly sounds affectionate. Can he just call me “aunt”? ;)

By the way, does anyone else find creepy the theory that every human on the planet may be 15th cousins to each other? (Though this sentence was not cited so the author of this wikipedia article could just be bull-shitting us all with his/her own agenda.)

I found the chart below dizzying. Trying to figure out your relation to other members of your extended family is one of those things where you just might say, “Hey, we’re related. Let’s dispense with this title business.”

In Shakespeare plays, anyone related to you who wasn’t your brother or sister was simply called “cousin.” Maybe we should just go back to using that terminology.


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