Tied in the bottom of the ninth

Like the good liberal that I supposedly am, I tried to watch the Democratic National Convention last night. It lasted about ten minutes before I got disgusted and turned it off. The posturing and “us v. them” lingo just gave me a headache. I watched about four commentators on some cable station (it might have been CNN, I didn’t notice) make predictions about what Hillary Clinton was going to say in her speech and making commentary about what they think she should say.

One chick was a feminist. It might have been Rachel Maddow, with whom I generally like on Air America, but I really wasn’t paying much attention to all the subtitles. Anyway, she was going on and on about how the fur was tussled on the backs of feminists everywhere because John McCain used Hillary in his ads against Obama, stating that she should be utterly furious and she should use this opportunity to attack McCain to redeem herself and let his camp know that she won’t be used in that way.

And then she rambled on along some other angry feminist rant that I lost track of. And I’m a feminist. I’m just not an angry one. I don’t see Hillary’s loss of the nomination as a setback to women in professional positions and a return to the 1800s mentality of a stay at home woman. I never saw Hillary as my representative of feminism anyway. To me, she’s weak for entering a business partnership that she called marriage so that she could ride the coat-tails of a man in order to get into politics. A real feminist would have done it all herself, braved the discrimination of a misogynist work environment and fought her way to the top. That’s a woman I would have admired (such as Madeleine Albright). Hillary just let herself become repeatedly cuckolded (or whatever the female equivalent of such would be) by a chuckle head husband who happened to be a pretty good politician when he wasn’t finding ways to have relations with interns in the Oval Office.

But I digress…

As I watched, other commentators postulated that she would somehow back-hand Obama to dignify her “too close loss.” They wondered if she could fully support Obama (can we say: sore loser mentality?). One man quite vehemently kept insisting that she must really sock it to McCain if she wanted respect. Call him out on the carpet. An unfair fight, if you ask me, since the guy isn’t there to defend himself and you have thousands of people in the room who agree with you. It’s pretty easy to say what you want in a room full of supporters.

Regardless, I didn’t stick around long enough to actually listen to Hillary’s speech because the running speculation about her speech and the angry political commentary was just annoying the crap out of me. It was like a frakking pep rally for a sporting event with people cheering and hooting and whooping and wearing strange makeup. Okay, maybe I just saw one young girl with dyed pink hair and I’m becoming a crotchety old senior citizen about such things. Still, the spectacle kind of disgusting. The comparison to a sporting event resonates too strongly in the American spirit which enjoys a gut-wrenching game that involves destroying your enemy. It isn’t about who will win and run the country anymore, but that “our guy” won and “your guy” lost and we’re better, nananananaaaaaaaa.

I hope that if Obama does become elected (notice I don’t use the words “wins the presidency”) we don’t act like a troop of sore winners, gloating and smiling and congratulating ourselves all over the place. For the sake of all of our Republican friends, relatives, and neighbors, I hope we don’t resort to doing a happy touch-down dance on their front lawns.

At the end of the day, it’s really about the right person for the job of running the country. This whole business with the teams of Republican and Democrat should be moot. I almost hate the two party system that causes everyone to draw a line in the sand and demand that the population be one thing or the other. Why can’t a Republican candidate be pro-choice? Why can’t a Democrat be for tax relief? No person I know stands for every Democrat issue. I certainly don’t. (I even vote down school levies, which isn’t very Democrat of me at all!)

I want Obama to win, I want change from the current administration, and I am behind most of the platform he is presenting. I just don’t like the hoops, pomp and circumstance, and major butt-kissing that has to go on in order for the process to proceed. And, like most of the American public, I’m just really sick of this election. If I feel like screaming and cheering on my favorite team, I’ll go to an Indians game.


4 thoughts on “Tied in the bottom of the ninth

  1. I don’t really understand the Hillary phenomenon. I realize some people wanted a woman in the White House, but I’m sorry with all due sensitivity to women there are bigger stakes this election.I don’t really understand the hatred for the Obama folks by the Hillarites. Your candidate lost. Okay, now how long are you gonna pout about it? McCain is not a reasonable alternative and he’s doing everything possible to look and act like Bush more and more every day. But the Hillary people act so entitled and want to act like they can’t support Obama, and that’s just irresponsible of them.

  2. *loud, thunderous applause*Btw, I think many of the devout Hillaryites are those militant feminists I spoke of before. (Although, one wonders why a militant feminist wouldnt support a candidate who is a *true* feminist…)I’ve been made aware of this subgroup called < HREF="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/People_United_Means_Action" REL="nofollow">PUMA<>–a political group who are apparently so upset over Hillary’s loss that claim that Obama was appointed by the Democratic organization… and they are voting for McCain as a result. Um. Hello????????? If you were truly a liberal Democrat who supports Hillary’s missives, then McCain should totally be the anti-Hillary!Whatever. Whiney sore losers.

  3. The thought that any Clinton supporter who cares anything about the issues could support McCain is absurd. That’s stupidity topped with sour grapes.

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