4 thoughts on “9 years ago today…

  1. Thank you. I was but a young-un then (only 24!!). He was beautiful and almost 30.My past makes me feel like I’m 100 some days, like these.(Not looking for sympathy… just making remarks.)

  2. This is a story for those who never got to know Mike, told from the point of view of a friend of the couple. Heidi’s written about how Mike proposed to her before, and *hee hee* I got to see the ring first! Earlier that day, since it was Christmas Eve, a few of us had gotten together at a friend’s house to exchange Christmas gifts. At one point Mike motioned for me to follow him into a bedroom. I had no idea why, I assumed he wanted to talk to me in private but couldn’t imagine what about. When he made sure no one had followed us, he pulled a ring box out of his pocket to show me what was inside. I don’t remember if he actually said anything, maybe he said, “What do you think?” but I do remember the big, goofy grin he had on his face as he showed me the ring he’d be giving my friend in only a few hours. I also remember it taking me a few moments for it to register, “That’s an engagement ring he’s got there!” He never told me WHEN he was going to propose, though, although I should have assumed that it would be the same day – otherwise why carry the ring on his person? But that big, goofy grin, like a little boy so proud of himself. He loved you so much, Hei.

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