Letters from Amsterdam

Mike went to Amsterdam quite frequently for work because the programming tool he taught originated from his company’s office there. One of the first times he went there while we were together was February 1999. It was only two weeks, but it was probably the longest amount of time we’d spent away from each other since we started dating.

I’m not sure what Mike would think of me posting his private correspondences on the internet like this (he was more private than me), but I just thought you’d like to read his voice for once since all you get is my view. I always think of these messages when I’m reflecting on our history together because they were some of the most heartfelt things Mike ever wrote down. He expressed himself quite openly to me face-to-face, but he wasn’t one for writing long soliloquies about his feelings and thoughts, as I am oft known to do. (Though he always liked reading what I wrote and supported my very opinionated posting on various email lists.)

By the way, I cut and pasted these messages… So all the original spelling and grammar mistakes are original and not mine. I never claimed he was an English major like his wife. =)

Sent: 2/14/1999 12:43 PM

Subj: A’dam


I already miss you, and its only been 4 hours since we last talked. I hate being alone in Europe. Everything is so different than back home. It is even odder now because of the diversity of people here. The languages that you hear are not consistent, and there for all strange.

That and not having enough sleep, could just make you cry. At least the TV works. I found an indoor track meet being broadcast by the BBC. Did I say I hate this.

I guess this is like when you go to a new county, you get so anxious. In my case, it must be country. :P

Well, Enough Bitching for now. The food is great. The air is polluted.

Love you,


Sent: 2/14/1999 7:07PM

Subj: A’dam II


Do you remember a group called Styx. They had a hit song called Mr. Roboto. I think that would be the best way to explain my first day in Europe.

Here it is almost 1am and my mind is just racing. Mostly it is about you. It is amazing, but the thought of not being on the same continent make me sad. I know, more travel depression. I think I know what I had against the Med. Cruise. Deep down, Europe reminds me of how small my world is. And by just taking a little plane ride, it all gets taken away from you.

The last times I was in Europe, it was a little different, I guess because I was traveling with Dave C. or N. And therefore we could pool our energies. Not that I just sat in the hotel today. I did go for a hour long walk/hike. Just before the sun went down.

Unfortunately, I cannot rave about the sunset, it is foggy/gray.

It is weird but I am already starting to think in German. Not that they speak German here, but Dutch is close on structure and some terms. It kinda looks like this is a moot language. There is some English, German, and the Scandinavian type words. Oh, and you have to sque the words because they have there own alphabet and therefore spell things different than they sound.

Well, I guess this helped a bit. As for the wedding, that is also on my mind. See, I told you your were right up there. :P Anyway, as for the wedding, I guess all the money is just freaking me out. Not that we are not putting together a great celebration. But I am not used to dropping that much money so fast. Not in my nature. So I guess we just better get a photographer, officiant, invitations, decorations, et al. Yes I do know what that means. :P.

Well, today will be a better day, once I can get back to sleep. After that I will be in class and that will help wear me out. Or maybe regulate my activities. Oh, for your information, they have the funny toilets here too. I am sure you would get a kick out of this.

One last thing, we should go dancing. Maybe the wedding party should don some dance shoes and just go. Maybe not the flats, there is a place over in Kent called Screwy Lewies. Something like that.

So, pleasant dreams my love, even though you won’t be in bed for another few hours.



Sent: 2/17/1999 2:15AM

Subj: A’dam V


You bad little girl. You pleasantly surprised me last night. But it is always nice to hear from you. I actually was thinking of calling you; but when you are on the road, I am never sure when exactly to get a hold of you. But, that does not matter. :P

We, the weather has surprise us, it snowed. In fact, it thunder-snowed. That is always a weird sound.

One of my compodries had a Star Trek Voyager dream last night. He had the impression that he was so far from Earth that future space archeologist would never find his bones. I guess the class is getting to him. Hopefully you have never made your students feel that way.

Anyway, I hope you can someday experience a diverse group sitting at a late supper sitting. It is always fun to poke fun of each others governments, religion, oh and cultural beliefs. Though, usually every picks hardest on their own systems. I think it is a test of one upmanship. Makes for good stories, and you know me and stories.

Love you,


P.S. @}—‘–,—- X 12.

Sent: 2/18/1999 2:12AM

Subj: A’dam VI


Here I am at 2am your time sitting at breakfast on Thursday. Oh, we went out to an Indian restaurant last night and then stopped into a shop called the Magic Mushroom Gallery. You would not believe all the stuff. So of the stuff was roll, some came in little bags. And of course, there were the marital aids, I mean herbs use to enhance sex. They had other items, but I am not quite sure what they might do?

So I got you something, I am sure you will love it. I think. :P

Well, off to my cab.



Don’t despair: the “item” he bought me was actually a necklace of an alien holding a mushroom (presumably a “magic” one). He knew me well. I guess you could call it an aphrodisiac since it put him in my favor for being such a thoughtful gift…

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