Hole in the Wall

Michael and I happened upon this show during our post-ride dinner at Fisher’s tonight. Apparently, as Google has revealed me, I missed an entire sensation with a set of YouTube videos that showed a Japanese version of this game. Of course! If only I’d known. Leave it to the Japanese–and their extremely odd sense of humor and interesting use of television media–to have come up with this ridiculous game show, which we of course had to emulate (being that US television now steals its show ideas from the international world).

Okay, so, at first when I saw these contestants trying to squeeze themselves into these oddly shaped (and often funny) holes in a wall that rapidly advances towards them, I thought, “Who the heck would watch this game show? How inane have we become?”

And then Michael and I sat there, watching, and laughing at the complete stupidity of it. Somehow we both were entertained. Maybe we’re just simpletons. Not that I would go out of my way to watch this show. But watching it seemed more interesting than watching political pundits debate each other… and the utter silliness of it was really funny.

Ah, my. Perhaps my brain was affected by the bee that stung me while I was riding tonight…

5 thoughts on “Hole in the Wall

  1. It seems like this is the year of the game shows. Rachel and I watched the show last night too. Some bits were funny, but overall we did not like the show. We do like the show “Wipeout”, so what do we know?

  2. It was entertaining while we were sitting there in a pub after a ride. I can see how it would get old after awhile, though.I’m just waiting for BSG to come back on… ;)

  3. Not a Battlestar Galactica fan. But, I am waiting for Doctor Who and Torchwood. I just upgraded my DirecTivo from 30 hours to 300 hours. So, I need something to fill it up. :)

  4. I didnt say the Japanese were questionable engineers… I’m just questioning what they view as entertainment… Not that it’s wrong, just that it’s way different than we bumpkins over here in the US. ;)

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