What would have been

If my husband were alive, today he would be turning 40. He was born September 22, 1968. He was exactly six years and six months older than me (my birthday is March 22, 1975). I always thought it was neat that our birthdays were both on the 22nd of the month.

It’s too bad he missed the last seven years. It’s too bad he never got to live to see 40 and have me pick on him.

Most people celebrate this monumental birthday with gag gifts from friends about being old. But he was really still too young.

Mike on our first (and only) anniversary (Aug. 28, 2000).
We were on the Jet Express on our way to Put-in-Bay.

5 thoughts on “What would have been

  1. This is a great photo of Mike. He looks very happy and content. He was a wonderful guy, I really wish he could have had a 40th birthday too.

  2. I like that picture too! ;) I was going to put up one of us with you in it from when we visited you in Portland… but then I didnt know if you’d go “bleh” if KT was in it. I could have cropped him out for you. ;)

  3. There was a really cool one with s by a statue of a big seal… and another cool one of us by some overlook… we all looked happy in those pics.I can do revisionist history: Crop Shawn in where KT is standing. ;)

  4. That is a very good Mike photo. Of course, my favorite Mike photo will always be of him in your wedding veil :) You know, Jeff is very good at removing people from photos. He removed my uncle’s ex from a family group photo that had been taken at their wedding. People who had been in their bridal party couldn’t even tell that she had originally been in that photo.

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