The season of pumpkins

I know fall is here when Blue Moon’s Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale becomes available in stores. This is Mars Girl’s favorite beer. Coors (the brewer of Blue Moon) is not the only beer company to come out with a pumpkin ale. Oh, no; the beer section of the local grocery store is filled with all sorts of pumpkin ales and Oktoberfests. Yummy delights for someone who loves pumpkin flavored everything and beer. I usually don’t go for those flavored, fruity beers. There’s just something about Blue Moon’s pumpkin ale. Maybe pumpkin doesn’t offend and contrast with beer the way a fruit like strawberry does. I dunno. But I happily bought a twelve pack of Harvest Moon and I’m drinking my first right now with my dinner… Ymmmm…. Sweet anticipation. I guess it helps that they only bring it out once a year for a limited time–increases the longing.

Besides beer, I love just about anything to do with the flavor of pumpkin: pumpkin spice coffee, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheese cake… oh, folks, the list of savory pumpkin delicacies just goes on and on for me. It all starts with my undying love for pumpkin pie. I would select pumpkin pie over any other dessert offered. Yes, even ice cream (unless, of course, it was pumpkin flavored).

I found my love for pumpkin pie as child. My grandma E would bake it as one of the many pies she made every Thanksgiving. Forget the apple pie, I fell in love with pumpkin pie the very first time that mushy goodness was set on my tongue. I don’t even remember when that moment was. When I was a kid, and therefore not concerned about my weight, I would eat half the pie, which ultimately resulted in my grandma making an extra pie and designating it as mine each year. As a teenager, I just didn’t appreciate this wonderful act of love. I was on Slim Fast diets, trying desperately to lose weight, and I wouldn’t allow myself to touch the pumpkin pie, much to my grandma’s chagrin. She always sent it home with me and I made my other family members eat it. Damn. If only Grandma E was around now. Yeah, I’m still obsessed with my weight, but I could not refuse one of her pumpkin pies if I tried.

Nowadays, I let myself have a few pieces of pumpkin pie each season. You only live once. I sure hope there’s lots of pumpkin pie in heaven.

Nutmeg, ginger, cloves, cinnamon–these are the best of the sweet spices. I sing the praises of these spices in my Chai lattes and eggnog. Give me gingersnap cookies and spice cake. Yum. Pure ecstasy. I curse God for inventing taste buds that lure me to the dark side of food, that place where all the food that makes you fat and unhealthy lives. I’d be much skinnier if it weren’t for pumpkin pie and fries and ice cream and tasty spices that flavor food oh so nicely.

Maybe I need to make a pumpkin pie for myself this year. Though, I don’t know. I failed miserably at my last attempt at Sarah’s pumpkin bread. Of course, I didn’t have a bread pan so I had to improvise and I learned that brownie pans don’t work too well. I did finally buy a stone bread pan from Pampered Chef, though. So I could attempted it again.

Hmmm… I just found a pumpkin pie recipe online that involved using cream cheese…. Aaaahhh…ohhhh…. sexy….!!!

2 thoughts on “The season of pumpkins

  1. But it’s healthy if it’s got pumpkin in it, too!! =)Damn. Thanks for that website. I’ve just discovered pumpkin pie chaffons, double layered pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie smoothies… Sure looks like if I got the itch to cook, I could cure a big jones. ;)

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