Happiness is a BLT

So on the way home from work today, I picked up some low fat bacon. After a nice 16 mile bike ride, I cooked up said bacon, toasted some bread, grabbed some lettace, and then cut another huge piece of my tomato to create a lovely dinner treat! I haven’t had a BLT in years. And this one was ever so sweet due to the fact that the tomato was home grown.

Okay. I know what you regular gardeners are thinking: What’s the big deal, Heidi? I mean, geesh. You’re making a big deal out of one frakking tomato. The rest of us have been eating the stuff we’ve grown ourselves for years.

But, see, this is the first time I’ve done it. And I’m quite pleased with myself. I have a little bit of tomato left over for my salad for lunch tomorrow. Savor every moment… I’m really going to have to grow tomatoes next year…

12 thoughts on “Happiness is a BLT

  1. I had a wonderful fresh tomato for dinner tonight too! We get great local organic produce delivered, and I sliced up said beautiful tomato and served it as a side to some curried scrambled eggs. I wish I would have had the ingredients and motivation to make a blt…I was intent on using what I had on hand as I didn’t want to go to the store. I also cooked up fresh corn, green beans, and boiled up some baby potatoes and tossed those with butter and curry powder too, but the tomato, with just a dusting of salt and pepper was the highlight of the meal.

  2. After years of being unsatisfied with most store tomatoes, a good tomato just impresses the heck out of me. Maybe I need to buy more organic…

  3. Organic tomatoes are so much better than conventional, because when regular tomatoes are sprayed, all those pesticides stay on the skin, and go into the tomato. I think this affects the flavor, and those chemicals aren’t good for you anyway. It is especially important to buy organic for produce like tomatoes, grapes, apples, etc. where you eat the skin.I like the organic ones that are delivered straight to me rather than being routed through the store. They seem to have more flavor. I think you’ve inspired me to plant some potted tomatoes up on my roof! When should I put them up there? Should I start seedlings inside first?

  4. Someone more knowledgeable might be able to help you with the “when” part of your question. I used plants rather than seeds. My mom says it’s better to start from there because seeds can be touchy. Not to mention, they take longer to germinate and get to plant size… Of course, I’m sure some of the gardeners out there will contradict me.I did recently buy some apples from a local orchard. I dont know if they have insecticide on them or not… They are great apples, though!! Way better than the store, but smaller.

  5. What was the local orchard? Do they let you pick your own apples? My family used to always do that when I was a kid, and Jeff & I were talking about how we'd like to visit an orchard to pick some apples ourselves this year if we can tear ourselves away from the housework for a day.

  6. I just went to Country Maid on 303 (they also sell ice cream). I didn’t pick any off the tree itself, just grabbed a half peck that was already bagged in the little store. I don’t know if they allow you to pick them or not. I don’t care about that part–sounds like a “two people in love on a date” or family with kids sort of thing to me and I was just going in there for food. =)I think < HREF="http://www.beckwithorchards.com/?q=node/12" REL="nofollow">Beckwith Farms<> in Kent lets you pick them off the tree.

  7. PS, Ex-bf Steve went on his first date with his now wife at an apple picking farm so you can understand my slight adversion to this activity for a date. =)

  8. For shame! You Hiramites should know better. Shop at your local < HREF="http://www.pioneertrailorchard.com/" REL="nofollow">Pioneer Trail Orchard<>. It’s on 3-mile square… sort of.

  9. Dear kilburn family-When should I put them up there? Should I start seedlings inside first?The best tomatoes I have grown came from seeds starting in late February. Just kept them near a window and well watered. You can pick the varieties you want and have so many more options from seed than from plant. I think I had 13 varieties in that year- I am definitely going back to that plan next summer.

  10. O.K., I know I’m late chiming in, but I have an issue with the phrase “low fat bacon”! Even if there could be such a thing, why would you want to eat it? ;-)I can agree on the merits of fresh tomatoes, organic or not.

  11. G,Low fat bacon would really be turkey bacon, which I almost bought. However, I did buy regular bacon but it was “choice cut.” The calorie content read that it had less fat than the other bacon. It tasted great!! But I guess it was like the filet mignon of bacon ;)I also used Miracle Whip instead of mayonaise.The cycling season is winding down so I have to make sure I watch the fat I’m taking in. ;)

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