I broke down…

Yep. Turned on the heat this morning. Despite my warm PJ’s, when I stumbled off the couch this morning (where I habitually sleep), the atmosphere around me was bitterly cold. I was afraid I’d see my own breath. I know it was only 45 degrees, which most Ohioans can bear, but I’m a freeze baby. I decided paying for gas was less of a threat than being uncomfortable in my own house. And, really, since I’m the only one living there, I have no one to argue with about turning it on this early in the season.

So bitch at me, you environmentalists. I don’t care. I didn’t use my air conditioning much all summer. I hate being cold. I could probably live without air conditioning, but I must turn my heat on when the house gets too cold. I can’t help it. People tell me that it’s better to be too hot than too cold because you can just put on more clothes. That philosophy does not wash with me. Once I’ve been cold, my core is frozen, and no amount of clothes or blankets are going to warm me up. And, dammit, I deserve to be comfortable in my own house.

My thermostat is set to 67 anyway, so it’s not like I’m blasting tropical heat in there. Just that raise in temperature did much to cheer my spirits this morning. I was able to put on a simple long-sleeved blouse instead of a turtleneck like I did yesterday (which was really too much and made me hot all day at work).

I guess turning on my heat heralds the beginning of the colder season. Soon I’m going to have to break down and put my bike on the trainer. The days of riding are growing sporadic. Last night’s Wednesday ride–the last one of the season–was cancelled but we still had our end-of-year feast. So I had all the eating without the exercise. This is how the winter gets me.

I’m debating whether or not I should get a temporary membership at Fitworks. They have these memberships where you can turn them on and off at will. I just hate to have to pay the extra monthly fee, especially during the season in which I will have $200+ gas bills. But I don’t think using my trainer and Total Gym is enough. I need to go somewhere with different machines. I think I need to start running again. I don’t want to gain the weight back this year. I think I need to diversify my cardio from strictly using my bike on the trainer…

Well, anyway… I love fall, but I hate not getting the exercise I need as regularly. Maybe that walking crap everyone talks about works… I don’t know… I ascribe to the “No pain, no gain” philosophy of exercise. I just don’t think you lose enough weight from walking a half hour every day. Maybe you maintain your present weight, but I can’t see it as a completely healthy exercise plan.

In other news:


He didn’t want me to make a big deal about it… I hope announcing his date of birth to the entire internet world is not considered a big deal. ;)

6 thoughts on “I broke down…

  1. Yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHAEL. Many happy returns.I’d be damned if I’d turn on the furnace last night, but there was a damp chill in the house that was making me shiver. So, I rigged up an electric space heater and just heated the bedroom. Those things are a little scary, though. I was worried that it might set fire to the dog or something.

  2. Well, you left one thing out, how old is Michael turning today :)?I wouldn’t feel bad about turning on your heat, that is what it’s there for! I may be a tree hugger, but I use my heat whenever I want, too ;)

  3. Proof that walking really DOES help one lose weight: My Husband. Since we started carpooling to work, he takes about a half hour walk each day as part of his lunch break, and after about three or four months of doing that has managed to drop a pants size. Like he needed to lose any weight, skinny #*$%*% ;)In happier news, Happy Birthday, Michael!!!

  4. You have to be careful when it comes to weight because there is not a 1-to-1 relationship between calories eaten and weight gained. It is not that simple.A lot of it has to do with what kind of fats are you eating–some fats (like the good Omega 3’s) help your body manage better. High fiber carbs (like whole grains) will also help your body better than senseless white breads and pastas. Your body may manage the fat you have better with that kind of diet.Lots of MSG in foods will make you hungry, so even though it is not a calorie it will make it harder to avoid eating. Dieting foods have lots of MSG to make up for the tastelessness, which is really cruel to people who want to lose weight to make them hungry.Just eating empty carbs–no matter how many calories they have–can cause people to gain weight. That is why the Adkins diet is often so successful, even though people are gorging themselves on tons of fat–it just won’t stick to you. There is something about the white breads and pastas that cause people to gain weight AND in all the wrong places. The theory I subscribe to is that our bodies are not evolutionarily designed to eat them, since the human race has only started to eat those in large amounts in the last few decades.I don’t recommend the Adkins diet for nutritional and environmental reasons, but there is a way to incorporate some of that into a healthy lifestyle. Most of your grians should be whole, eat lots of fruits and veggies, avoi additives and stick to pasture-raised meats (which have less of the bad fats and more of the good fats, but less fat overall).And it really depends on the amount and type of exercise you do. If you reduce food without exercise, all you will do is slow down your metabolism which will do nothing more than put you in a bad mood and lose not an ounce of weight.

  5. Di, that sounds like the typical male/female weight paradigm those weight loss commercials have been mocking. I think men have a better time losing weight and keeping it off than women… Michael eats a lot of sweets and still maintains his weight and it pisses me off because if I ate what he did, I’d be 30 lbs heavier.Personally, for me, in order to maintain or lose weight, I need to exercise vigorously, break into a sweat. I don’t think my eating habits are all that bad… I eat lots of veggies and I’ve switched to only eating whole wheat noodles when I cook such. I rarely eat noodles, in fact, anymore. I try to stay away from Italian food.I dont know what my problem is. When I was in CO, I was 130lbs without effort. Now I’m 145+ and depressed about the flab on my stomach. Bleh. But too lazy to do squats every day.

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