Miss October

This precious baby’s Republican father has stated that he hopes she grows up to be the next Ann Coulter.

Knowing this girl’s bipartison parents (each representing a side of the political coin), I think she’ll probably grow up to hate politics. Regardless of what she grows to love, I hope she does not become the new Ann Coulter.

(I just had to post this picture which my friend Gwenn sent me via my phone last Sunday. What a cute baby!!)


3 thoughts on “Miss October

  1. Knowing that precious baby’s parents, he did NOT say that and mean it, did he? Did he? I know where he lives! I have a Dennis Kucinich sign that can very well end up in his front yard tomorrow morning ;)

  2. He did say that and I was like, “Geesh, can’t you pick a RESPECTIBLE, INTELLIGENT Republican woman to use in that analogy?” (If there IS such a thing, that is!)I mean… who wants their kid to grow up to be Ann Coulter? That’s like me saying that I want my kid to grow up to be the next Al Sharptin or something. Bleh!!!Hopefully Gwenn has the bigger influence there… ;)

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