Radical musings

*indicating new Bush countdown widget* Well, I said I wouldn’t talk about politics anymore; subtle and not-so-subtle articles, widgets, signs, and programs do not count.

In baseball news, I’m mighty glad to see that THE TRAITOR and the Chicago White Sox were wiped out of the division series now. Yay!! Take that, Chicago!!

Happily, the Dodgers, featuring my forever Amish love, Casey Blake, have advanced to the national league championship series. I’m rooting for them, even though I had to trade my soul in because Manny Ramierez now plays for the Dodgers. Ah well. I’m behind Casey all the way. Blakes’ Babes won’t be shut down just because he’s no longer on the Cleveland Indians’ roster.

Now… I’m pleading for the Devil Rays to knock out the Boston Red Sox. Sorry, Sox, you can’t go winning another World Series when there are other teams who still don’t own a major league baseball pennant. I’d like to see the Devil Rays v. the Dodgers.

Funny how when Joe Torre gets fired from the Yanks and moves to the Dodgers, the Dodgers now make it to the play-offs. Maybe it isn’t all about the player. So what does that say about Eric Wedge?


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