Dwindling cycling season

Well, I resisted as long as I could. As of last night, my bike is on the trainer. This isn’t a permanent situation–I can always take it off and ride the roads–but the fact that it is on the trainer signifies that I’m defeated by Mother Nature and must now turn my efforts to boring exercise indoors. Last night, I did about an hour of cardio on my bike while watching an episode from a DVD of the fifth season of Babylon 5 (which I’d never seen and am borrowing the DVDs from a friend). I didn’t feel I got as much of a workout as being on the road, and I didn’t feel like pushing it with doing sprints, but at least I did something on that rainy, dreary fall evening that got my heart going. Tonight, I will workout on the Total Gym to try to get some muscle tone and work on my abs so that I can stop bitching about the fat roll at my waist. Though, I don’t know, as many crunches as I’ve tried to do in the past, I still have never got that thing to slim down.

I hope I don’t gain back all the weight I had at the end of last winter. I was looking at the pictures of me from TOSRV the other evening and you can really tell a difference. Bleh. I probably should sign up for a gym membership again, but I just haven’t found a gym I’ve loved as much as the one I had in Willowick. Besides, it’s so much easier to workout at home where I can turn on whatever TV show I desire while working out. I should probably buy a treadmill at some point or a StairMaster for variance. Plus, I’m always worried that putting my bike on the trainer somehow does damage to my bike.

It’s pathetic. I used to abuse the bikes I had as a child and they continued to work fine. My Giant is my baby and I am afraid of breaking her. There’s a voice in my head telling me that I don’t take good care of nice things… and I’m worried I’ll ruin my favorite toy… One only has to look at the condition of my car to realize that I do have a habit of making good things look bad.

Right now the weather for Sunday is looking good: sunny and 60 degrees. So maybe I’ll get to do the Red Flannel Metric Century up in Oberlin. Michael and I are thinking we might do it on the tandem, thanks to a hearty suggestion from TDB. Sounds like fun!

Well, daylight savings time begins on Sunday. That means when I leave work it will be dark. I will go to work in the dark. The depression of winter begins…


3 thoughts on “Dwindling cycling season

  1. I know, I know. I say I’m going to go to those classes every year, don’t I? ;) I think I should go to the start one that is only an hour. It’s hard riding the trainer for even an hour.

  2. Old Man Winter is on his way here too. It’s 3pm and not even 50 degrees. I took Max out at 8 this morning and after 45 minutes he told me “Home”.The sun is just starting to come out, maybe the fog will burn off today.

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