And on the east coast…

the light of reason shines on the side of love!

In Connecticut last week, an attempt to put a resolution to ban gay marriage was VOTED DOWN. Gay marriage was made legal by Connecticut Supreme Court ruling this morning! See, there is hope out there.

I continue to be optimistic. And ever vigilant in my help with the struggle to make love legal in the United States.

I’m still waiting for the old biddies and fuddies who continue to vote this down with their errant fundamentalist interpretation of religion to die off…

(Okay, I’m ready to protest… Activist for hire… Anyone? Anyone?)


3 thoughts on “And on the east coast…

  1. Have you checked out, Soul Force, Equality Ohio, or the Gay Straight Alliance? I think you’ll find like-minded people there who would appreciate your help.

  2. Thanks for the leads. It’s probably about time I got off my butt and started actually doing something since I’m so passionate about this issue… Going to a UU church alone is not enough… I would love to somehow help get the stupid same-sex marriage law repealed in Ohio… I’m tired of all the discrimination… People have a right to the rights I had with Mike.

  3. erm… I meant <>anti-<> same-sex law in Ohio (which was, as you know, depressingly put on the Ohio constitution in 2004).Also, I keep meaning to mention in my blog entries, but keep forgetting, that one of the most depressing laws to go on the books in this past election–worse than Prop 8–is Alabama’s new law that prohibits same-sex couples from ADOPTING children!! WHAT?!?!?!?I immediately think of a few same-sex couples in my church who have kids… thank God they live in Ohio. (Though I’m sure there’s some rusty old laws on our books somewhere that inhibit some parental benefits somewhere…)

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