Ski escape at Holiday Valley

Donned in purple, coming off Independence run.

Michael and I took a spontaneous trip to Holiday Valley. We left on Friday night and then skied for eight hours on Saturday. We drove home Saturday as I needed to be back in town to take my car into the shop to get the brake pads and discs replaced (yeah, kind of important). Despite the huge expenditure of getting my car back into shape, I am really glad we took this trip to Holiday Valley. I got my legs warmed up for skiing (hopefully, I worked out the kinks that one has at the beginning of the season).

The conditions were great… for the east, anyway. Ellicotville has been bombed with snow over the last week, allowing Holiday Valley to open a week ahead of predicted. Most of the blue slopes were open and, happily, my favorite area by the Tannebaum and Yodeler lifts was mostly open. I didn’t hit any black diamond runs since it took me half a day to get used to skiing again and then my legs became too tired after multiple runs down Cindy’s Run and Independence. I did go down one black diamond run that I normally would have had no problem with (Maple Leaf); however, this time, it had a few bald spots and I made my way down it in a slow panic so I won’t count it as having done the run.

It felt so good to hit the slopes again. I feel invincible in my new helmet. Had I known that the helmet would actually make my head and ears warmer, I might have switched to wearing one years ago. I thought I would look like an overcautious dork, but as I look around me, more and more skiers are (rightfully so) wearing helmets these days. Mine looks pretty cool–gray with hot pink flame-like art along the sides. I also was very happy that I bought the used purple snow pants at the Boston Mills/Brandywine ski swap this past October. Now, I’m completely donned in purple between my jacket, snow pants, and my new skis! I really felt like a little of myself–my personality–was on display as I skied. I may not have skied well, but I looked good.

I hope we have a sound winter, at least as far as the places where my favorite resorts are located (Seven Springs in PA and Holiday Valley and Holimont in New York). I would like to spend a weekend somewhere later in the winter. It felt so great to wake up this morning with my muscles slightly aching from the burn of a good day of skiing. I think I was most chipper at church through the grumbles of S.A.D. of which my friends were complaining. The only way to beat S.A.D. is to take up a winter sport–hiking, skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing. So at least for today, I’d defeated S.A.D. If I can ski enough, I won’t cry so bad for my lost cycling due to the weather.

I spent the evening today assembling my Christmas cards. The majority of them will go in the mail tomorrow (I’m still missing a few addresses, you know who you are). I’m still remiss on the Christmas shopping… Still no ideas… Yes, I think it’s a gift card year.


2 thoughts on “Ski escape at Holiday Valley

  1. I hear that many stores are going out of business after Christmas. Some folks are suggesting caution when purchasing gift cards– just a heads up!

  2. Well, I’d be buying the gift certificates for a chain store, not a one of… You know, like the ones you buy at Giant Eagle, giving me the gift of free gas points.Btw, folks *hint, hint* Century Cycles is not going out of business… And I KNOW I could use some money in there!!

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