Night Walk

Kicking new paths on powdered sidewalks
White fluff snow explodes from my boots
Like the thousand discordant thoughts
Erupting from the A.D.D. geyser in my brain:
[Need to clean cat litter, bake cookies, go shopping, make dinner–Satisfaction? Satisfied? Life? Love?– What to buy everyone for Christmas–Must end this thing, too confused, confusing–Wish I were skiing, want to go again–Write poetry, writing poetry, wrote poetry–Miss Mike–must make my own traditions–It was simpler when it was just Dad and me buying our tree–Starting to feel old, passages of time–Circles turning, turning, nonstop–Was here walking just last year, same thoughts, same hopes, same questions, same sights–Feels redundant–Can’t you just enjoy this moment, this walk?–Stop thinking, absorb.]
In the distance, snow plows moan
Like angry, seething dragons in the night.
Christmas lights twinkle on houses
Forming colorful shapes on white lawns;
Chimneys silently puff gray smoke,
Mingling with the air and disappearing.
I am warm but my face tingles
Kissed by chill and wet snowflakes.
I head for home, no problems resolved,
The steely smell of winter
Growing tight in my nostrils.


5 thoughts on “Night Walk

  1. I get pensive on walks too, especially in the winter. Must be weather related! Spiced cider or a gingerbread latte always helps lift my mood.Where’s my snail ;)?

  2. This poem needs work. I think I need to get rid of the middle section and just describe the feelings whirling in my head. I’ve almost changed it a few times, but alas, I have technical crap to document today… This just comes off the top of my head as composed at 9pm as I walked around my neighborhood. And the snow plows really did sound like snorting dragons.Um, yeah, I know I owe you a snail… rrrm… Actually, I’m not as busy this week… Maybe I will get to it. Fringe is on tonight so I suppose I could write it while being grossed out by the latest adventure.

  3. I can relate to what you say woman! Traditions and holidays, are always for me, a time to reflect and lately, I have not felt like I am moving forward……but, in reality, there have been baby steps.A twinge of sadness though.

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