Boogey for Christmas

I was decorating my living room and I found my cat, Cleo (aka Boogey) beneath the Christmas tree. Just what I always wanted: a big, fat, licking kitty! I added the decorative garland.

My dad and I picked a fabulous tree this year. It is full with very sturdy branches. Best of all, it really oozes a wonderful pine odor that you can smell the moment you walk into my house. My tree last year didn’t smell quite so much, so I’m very pleased with this tree. It’s even “cute” to me in its scrubby little way.

I also added garland and lights over my fireplace and along the wall at front door entry way into the house. I am going to put the Christmas cards I receive along the wall in the entry way, too. All my lights are running on timers that will automatically turn my lights on at 5:30, which is plenty time before I arrive home from work. The lights will go off at 1:30am. Hey, I like the lights on all night for the ambiance.

So I’m ready for Christmas… and somewhat in the spirit. I finally got about 80% of my shopping done. Maybe I’ll wrap everything up next weekend. I’m in between parties–already attended my company party, my bicycle club’s party was Saturday, and I have an STC holiday party on Thursday (at Great Lakes Brewery, nonetheless). I didn’t exercise Saturday or Sunday this weekend so obviously I’m already starting the fattening up process. Bleh.

It snowed yesterday and has become ungodly cold out so I haven’t really gone outside today, except for lunch and then to a volunteer event at the hospice. The weather program on my computer says that it’s 16 degrees Fahrenheit out there and I don’t doubt that at all.

The ABC Christmas party was pretty fun, minus the kids we allowed to come this year. Most of them were well-behaved; however, I was shocked at the adults who encouraged these two young boys–through their laughter–to run like wild things into the stage area where a member of our club was dressed as Santa Claus and performing a skit. These two little varmints kept running up and hitting–yes, hitting–Santa Claus on the leg. Man, if that had been me as a child, my dad would have taken me out of the hall by the scruff of my neck and spanked the crap out of me. And then he would never have let me receive a gift from Santa Claus as these kids subsequently did. (I believe that behavior would rank under “bad girl” and not deserving of Santa’s graces.)

It really pisses me off when people don’t contain their kids. I mean, really, I know that kids are antsy, but there is seriously a line between them goofing around and being overly obnoxious. And I’m thoroughly floored that several adults not connected to these kids were laughing at this display. It was just plain rude! That is why I hate when parties insist on allowing kids. Can’t people just get babysitters instead of inflicting their bad behaving kids on everyone else?

Oh, yeah, once I babysat some hyper and bad-mannered kids who proceeded to chase me around the house with knives–yes, I said knives–and I had to call my mom to come over to control them because I utterly suck at asserting authority (and I was actually afraid that I might end up stabbed). You should have heard these kids–they were making threats about removing certain parts of my anatomy that little boys their age should have not even had the words to use. I believe a good washing the mouth out with soap would be in order there.

Not saying these kids at this party were this bad or that they will become knife-wielders on their later years. I never babysat those little creeps again, so maybe some people have trouble finding babysitters for their hellions. These kids at the party were just over-hyper, though, and acting up. All I’m saying is that the associated parent should have contained them. It’s behavior like that that makes me want to go into a clinic tomorrow and get my tubes tied, I’ll tell you!

I know my parents say that there are days when I embarrassed the hell out of them in public. Big surprise, right? Well, anyway, I’m pretty sure that whatever display I’d made would have been ended abruptly by a stiff removal from the party, even if it prompted my parents to leave the party early. But, what do I know? I have no kids. I just know what my dad and mom would and would not have allowed, and the behavior of these kids was definitely in the range of “unacceptable behavior.” It just seems to me that there’s a lot of bad parenting going on out there. I don’t believe in beating your kids, but I do think you have to find some way to put the fear in them of losing privileges so that you can exert control as the parent. I cringe when I see parents who appear to lack any control over their kids. It’s embarrassing to me.

Don’t get me wrong. I like kids. I have plenty of friends who have their children in really good check. When these kids start going beyond the range of acceptable public behavior, these parents just have to administer a look and the kids stop what they are doing (which is all my dad had to do). Also, I think there are certain places where kids simply do not belong and, generally, in my opinion, places where people are drinking alcohol always seems inappropriate to me.

Thankfully, my STC holiday party is a harbor of sanity–no children allowed there! And it’s at Great Lakes Brewery. So guess who will be enjoying Christmas Ale come Thursday?

Not much else going on… the Christmas spirit is ebbing in on me slowly… so long as there are no kids around. (I swear to God, I would have good kids, dammit. Well-behaved, anyway. I’m not above a good old fashioned spanking, that’s for sure. I never thought I would say that, but I realize in my old age just how wise my parents truly were. Fear the rod and you behave like a good child!)


5 thoughts on “Boogey for Christmas

  1. I’m not sure why the party planners were so keen on having kids at that party, but they carried the day. I guess it saved their parents from having to hire babysitters. The kids were running around a lot, but they really didn’t bother me all that much. I must have been scrubbing pots in the kitchen when they got rowdy.If my parents had followed the rule that kids can’t be around when alcohol’s being served, I’d have had to live in the alley because alcohol was always being served. Of course, those were also the days in which parents who smoked in front of their kids wouldn’t get hauled into court by child welfare workers.

  2. By today’s standards, I am sure Child Welfare would have dragged my parents off for spanking me. And I’d be a ruleless hellion now, so I’m thankful my parents kept me in line! Now I notice too much the rudeness in other children–kids who aren’t taught to say thank you for anything. Man. If I received anything from someone, my mom was on me constantly to send a note of thanks. Whenever a kid does not say thank you, or is not prompted by their parents to say thank you, I do not buy anything for that kid again because I feel as though they just expected me to give them stuff. Actually, the same thing goes for adults whose weddings I attend or such who never send a thank you card. Call me old fashioned, but it’s really rude to not thank someone for a gift!Well, anyway. I know how my parents raised me was not abuse. I rarely got spanked at all. Why? Cuz I feared being spanked so I did what I could to avoid it. My parents had me in line. I’m greatful for it now!

  3. I think over the weekend, I slipped back into the “I dont want any kids” mode.I think I just dont want to be the kind of person who inflicts their kids on everyone. The whole “you will take me and my kids and like it” thing drives me nuts.Isnt there a child-free zone where adults can retreat to for adult conversation and hilarity? I guess when I’m drinking, I’m embarrassed to be around children. I’ve got a potty mouth in general anyway.

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