Indians in chaos

Okay, maybe the Indians are not so much in chaos. But to me, the world is crumbling. My beloved Casey Blake is about to sign a three-year contract with the Dodgers (he crossed to the Natinoal League–what betrayal!!) and C.C. Sabathia is about to sign a deal with mortal enemy, the Yankees. Of course, we are interested in another closer (we’re always taking on closers) named Kerry Wood. I don’t know much about this guy, but I hope he’s better than the closers we currently have. Now, I wish we could score a few really good pitchers and some sluggers. Let’s trade Haffner–he’s been stinking for the last two years.

I don’t know. After last season, my disposition is pessimistic. I wonder, sometimes, why I continue to love this downtrodden team who never seems to deliver the enchanted dream I have of them. Just one World Series would tickle me pink. I’d never ask for another Cleveland team to win anything again.

It’s just depressing that good players never want to stay in Cleveland because we can’t deliver on the dreams of the players for the World Series and we don’t have the money to keep players interested. We’re a great rookie team every few years. We take on the new up-and-comings, we ween them into the Major League, and when they become really, really good, they take off for more money and bigger fame elsewhere. Who can blame them, really? We’re just a po-dunk city with a depressing economy and the bad reputation we can’t shake of the “mistake by the lake.”

It’s no wonder I always say the name of my hometown to out-of-staters with a little bit of guilt mixed in with defensiveness.

“Yeah, I’m from Cleveland,” I say a little depressedly, already anticipating the grunts and groans and snickers. Some joke always follows. Unless the people I’m talking about live in a more oppressed and less metropolitian area.

Yep. We Clevelanders are a pessimistic lot.


7 thoughts on “Indians in chaos

  1. In fairness to CC and Casey, <>they<> didn’t leave Cleveland, they were traded – the Indians sent them packing. I can’t blame Casey for taking the deal with the Dodgers – after being unceremoniously booted out of Cleveland, why would he want to come back? (Other than for you and me ;) At least, with him playing in the National League, we have no reason to root AGAINST him (well, unless it ends up a Dodgers/Indians World Series).

  2. In fairness to the Indians, Wood is a fireballing beast when healthy (see: tied for most K’s in a single game).Sabathia was gone at the end of the season. In exchange for just over three months of his services, the Brewers sent us our best prospect (LaPorta), quite possibly the lead-off hitter of the future (Brantley), a hard-throwing young reliever (Bryson), and a serviceable back-of-the-rotation starter (ZJackson). Even if two of them hit, and we don’t buy out any of their free agency years, that’s 12 years of major league service in exchange for 3 months of service.In exchange for two months of Casey Blake, we fleeced the Dodgers to the tune of a high-ceiling reliever (Meloan), and an absolute stud of a hitter (Santana). Blake is an average 3B at best, and was able to convince the Dodgers to pay him almost $6M a year over three years (he’ll almost be 40 by the time the contract ends!) to play that average 3B. Just sayin’.

  3. But, but, you dont understand… BLAKE IS HOT!! =) =)Okay, I know Sabathia and Blake were gone at the end of last season… Now we’ve got a bunch of names I dont know and am going to have to learn cuz I gave up on the Indians somewhere in the middle of last season, which is almost unheard of for me. I usually hang in until the bitter end of the last game, but I think I was depressed over their “come back” after being in the playoffs the year before.Anyway, I’m still not giving up… and I may be actually going to some games this year. But, ugh! Here we are with basically a bunch of young players AGAIN.It takes us awhile to get them all warmed up… and then we get into the cycle where we dont give them payoff and they ultimately end up leaving right when they get good.And, really, can we trade Haffner now for someone?Also, didnt you notice how much better Sabbathia played AFTER he left the Indians? (He wasnt blazing hot this year or the end of last season with the Indians). It’s like we’re the black hole of doom over here for players.

  4. What? We got rid of the Guit?? That was Jeff’s boy! But hey, at least Peralta’s still around for your dad, right? :)So, Hei, since we do seem to have this great power of getting the players that we love traded from the Indians, we must start using these powers for good. I’ll get you a Pronk shirt for Christmas, OK? Surely we’ll be able to muster up enough Hafner-Love by April, right?

  5. Hmmmm… yes… But if Pronk gets traded, that means where ever he goes, he’ll suddenly find himself batting again like ’06. Cuz that’s the way it goes when Indians are traded–they come out of their slumps and become superstars. You just watch. Blake is going to become a superastar hitter and an awesome 3rd baseman… Then we’ll all be sorry!

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