Day Two in the Maelstrom of The Cold

This recent outbreak of The Cold has made me sufficiently tired enough that I desire to remain immobile for long periods of time in the evening, unlike my usual multi-tasking habit of watching TV and jumping up to do dishes, clean the kitchen from the havoc of making dinner, or check e-mail at the commercial breaks. Therefore, I am finally starting to catch up on the overflow of Heroes episodes in my DVR queue. I kind of got too busy to watch them when they are actually on, even though the show comes on immediately after Gossip Girl and I always find time to watch that. I guess I had temporarily lost interest in Heroes for a time there. I don’t know why; sometimes I just become bored with a TV show after the newness of it wears off.

Anyway, I’m starting to get back into the series, watching 2 or 3 at a pop in the evening as I just lay on my couch, sneezing and coughing everything out of my lungs. It’s weird, too, because usually even when I’m in front of the TV, I’d doing something else like writing a letter or looking through catalogs or mail. It’s a rare show that causes me to focus 100% of my attention on it (Battlestar Galactica being one of them). I managed to get myself all the way to the episode where an eclipse is taking place and all of the people with powers–heroes and villains alike–have lost their powers. If you watch the show avidly, and have actually been keeping up, then you know where I’m at, don’t spoil it for me, I still have a month of viewing to get through.

Speaking of being so far behind, it’s kind of funny as I fast-forward through all the commercials to see the campaign ads for the long-gone election now. We’ve moved on to the next thing, but my DVR has locked me in a time capsule. It is definitely nicer that I don’t have to listen to the commercials, which is a clear advantaged to not watching TV shows live. I know a lot of people don’t watch their shows live anymore and I understand why. Sometimes I feel depressed watching recordings instead of live TV, though, especially if I’m feeling lonely–I feel disconnected with the world. Not that much TV is truly “live” anymore.

I tried to finish writing a letter to Sarah last night, but I found that higher orders of thought, those required for writing anything interesting in a letter, were completely missing as I battled a war for solace with my running nose and achy head and hacking lungs. Once I decided that trying to think was fruitless, I dosed myself with NiQuil and thus faded into slumberland sometime around 9:30.

I woke up several times throughout the night, coughing like a machine gun. It’s so frustrating when you get caught up in one of these fits. As soon as it started, I was stuck in a vicious coughing loop because I kept getting that tickle in the back of my throat–the one that feels as though you just swallowed a mouthful of dust. My coughing made that annoying honking sound (much like Canadian geese) that my serious coughs always make. I was glad for once that I didn’t live with anyone who I’d be keeping up (and thus kicked out of bed to room into the solitary confinement of another room). My cat Nicki didn’t seemed too concerned by the noise as she took the opportunity of me being awake as a sign that it was now time for her to begin petting me. And she wasn’t taking no for an answer. She kept sitting on my head and returning moments later after I’d swattered her away.

Needless to say, I did wake up to my alarm, but I switched it to radio, as is my habit, so that I could listen myself awake. Only that didn’t work and I ended up pulling myself out of a coma at 7:30am, which is way later than I sleep on week days, so I had to hustle. No morning workout. I arrived at work, in a dazed haze, at 9–about a half hour later than usual. I’ve been in the same dazed haze all morning, working in a slovenly manner on this document due Friday now that my boss has reviewed it.

I finally had sense enough to get one of boxes of tissue out of the storage closet and take it to my desk. Repeated trips to the one box in the kitchen was getting tiresome. (Especially since there was a tupperware container full of fudge and a cheesecake someone had specifically brought in for everyone. I had three finger-sized pieces of fudge–one chocolate, one butterscotch, and one peanut butter. Yum.)

I am going to try to be a little more mobile tonight. I’ve got some things I need to do around the house. The one errand I did manage to complete last night was running out to the Time Warner office in Akron to exchange my modem out. I was skeptical, but they technicians claimed the reason my internet kept going down was my modem. When I installed the new one at home, my internet went right up and it appears to have solved the problem (my internet had been down for two days at that point). So we’ll just have to wait and see if it stays up. It’s a good thing I was sick the last two days because I can’t stand not having my internet up. I use it quite frequently at home (during said commercial breaks as I have to check email or look up some website on a whim). I don’t know when I got so addicted to the internet, but I swear that if I had to give up one of my luxury utilities, cable service on the TV would go before I’d give up my fast internet connection, that’s for sure. I need information, I need it quickly, and I need my email!

It’s a good thing the weather isn’t gorgeous outside because all this laying around makes me feel less bad. I’d much rather have a cold during the winter when I can’t ride anyway. If you remember, the last time I had a cold in the summer (in July 2007), I made myself ride anyway. The cold I had before this was during the tail-end of the cycling season. During the last couple days of the cold, I did the Red Flannel Metric Century. I think it made me feel better to ride, actually. I’m not sure I could ride today, though, feeling like I do right now. My reaction time is slow and I just can’t imagine trying to pump the pedals of my bike on a road with the stimulus of cars to watch out for. The cold in my lungs wouldn’t feel too great either.

I have to say the gray day sure matches my mood. I think the last time I saw the sun was Saturday. This blog is going to become a way to record when the sun was last seen in Ohio. Instead of a cycling counter, I should have “____ Many Days Since the Sun Was Out.” I seriously wonder how long it could go on. Gray day followed by early dark. I can’t wait to pass Dec. 21–the shortest day–and just move over the big hump of winter into the days getting longer again. January and February in NE Ohio sucks. I don’t know how we indigenous people do it. It must be in our genes to take the suffering in stride. We’re all masochists living here.

I know, I know. I bitch too much. I should just shut up since I chose to move back. “Poop or get off the pot,” my fifth grade math teacher used to say. If I don’t like it here, I should leave; or if I stay, but quit bitching about it. I can think of every cliche: I made my bed so I will lie in it.

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