Random Thoughts on Heroes volume 3

I finally got to finishing the season 3 of Heroes last night. It just kind of happened. I worked late yesterday because I’ve got a deadline rearing up at work (believe it or not) and I didn’t get home until 8. I made dinner because my Martian belly was rumbling and by the time I finished, there really was no point to exercising, so I just tucked myself in with the last three episodes of Heroes to be done with it all. That series is really hard to watch in bits, anyway, because it’s written like a comic book–it always ends right in the middle of some suspenseful scene. So if you have a queue full of episodes, as I did, it’s very easy to talk yourself into watching “just enough of the next episode to see how the last scene in previous episode turned out.” But by the time you get through that, you’re hooked into watching the rest of it out, no matter what.

The only problem that I discovered is that Heroes tends to run over its scheduled time by five minutes and, for some dumb-assed reason I will never understand, I had the episode set to tape for just an hour, which shouldn’t even be an option in this age of DVRs were the DVR kind of “knows” when the episode starts and ends. For example, I can start recording a show right in the middle and the DVR will pick up the entire show. I learned this a few times when my phone rang while I was watching a show that I wasn’t recording, and so I’d start recording it to continue watching when I got off the phone. When I’d go to view it, the whole episode is there, not just the part forward from where I started to record.

So, tell me, if the DVR can record an entire show even though I started recording it in the middle of its program, why can’t the damn thing just know to record the entire show I selected to record without me having to tell it to record 5 minutes on each end of its listed time so that I can get the whole show?

Anyway, I’m real pissed about this because you know that last cliff-hanging scene I was telling you about? Well, the recording was stopping at an hour, right in the middle of that scene. Ugh!!! So, actually, I was watching the next episode so that I could see the introduction sequence that showed you–sometimes–what happened in the last scene.

Well, don’t you worry, I fixed that little issue on the series recording options, but it’s not going to do me any good until sometime in January when Season 4 (Volume 4) starts. It’s too bad I didn’t know this was happening about ten episodes ago when I stopped watching the series live…

So, here are my random observations at the end of Volume 3. If you watch the show, you’ll know what I’m talking about; if you don’t, you’ll just skim or become bored with this entry. Oh well.

  • I am glad that my original instinct of never liking nor trusting Nathan Petrelli has paid off.
  • How did Peter Petrelli go from being cute into becoming some sort of self-important weenie? I’m annoyed with his character now.
  • Where did that speedy blonde chick come from? I must have missed a few episodes at the beginning of this series. But I like her! She’s cute and she’s a character you can empathize with.
  • Speedy Blonde Chick can’t have Matt Parkman! He’s mine! I’ve loved him since he appeared on Felicity. Okay, I mean, the actor, Greg Grunburg, was in Felicity. Why does Greg always play characters I find endearing? He’s not even really a hot guy, per se. It’s just the characters he plays.
  • I’m so glad Ando got some powers! Even though I usually find the scenes in Japanese with Hiro quite annoying.
  • LOVED what they did with Sylar (Zachary Quinto, soon to be young Spock in the new Star Trek movie)–the whole inner battle he has between wanting to be loved and having all these murderous desires. Very Darth Vader; that is, how Darth Vader’s fall should have been. Love it, love it, love it. Especially gruesome was the brief love interlude during the eclipse between him and Elle, and how once he got his powers back, the brutality returns and he kills her. Sylar’s arc was probably the best one this entire season!! (Why do we all love to hate the bad guys?)
  • Do you think Dad Petrelli is really dead? His fall seems too easy, but was, again, a great Sylar moment! (And equally weenie Peter Petrelli moment… boo!)
  • Jessica/Niki/Tracy is annoying in all her incarnations.
  • I think I missed the episodes where Mohinder Surresh turned himself into a monster, but that was vaguely interesting.
  • Does anyone still know what the heck is going on? I do love how unpredictable this series has been for me. What a relief! Very hard to stump an English major, you know. We’ve been around the classics quite a bit. We have heard it all, it seems.
  • I really enjoyed the shout-out salute to comic book geeks everywhere in the last two episodes of the season where Seth Green (another actor I’ve got a hot crush on), as a comic book shop employee, help the heroes figure out their next move based on his geeky knowledge of the comic book-inside-the show–almost better knowledge of the series than the actual characters within the series! Loved it, loved it, loved it!! Green’s character refers to “Heroes Origins #1”–cracked me up! I felt like I was sitting in a room with my cousin Gary and all his geeky comic book friends. It was the same familiar feeling I got watching Galaxy Quest where I got all the jokes because I’ve hung in that particular subculture. It was a beautiful moment. This series has great writers!

Great series, so I’m glad my illness at least got me caught up on one of my favorite television shows. And, to boot, I woke up this morning feeling much better than I have in days. Thank the gods of Olympus Mons! I think The Cold is clearing! To the bike on Sunday, I say! Ha-HA! (Now I only have cold weather to blame if I bail!)

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Heroes volume 3

  1. Erin, I checked out his blog. The dude needs to write more about his cycling! He only has entries in June and December!! He’s a priest! Where’s the creativity?? ;)

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