Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I still believe in you. Now here are the gifts I know that no one in my family will buy, so I’m letting you know what I would like to see under my tree come Christmas. Please remember my kitties, Nicki and Cleo. Nicki has been mostly good; Cleo is always good. They both deserve gifts.

Cleo needs one of those pet stairs sets so that she can get up into my bed. She can’t jump so high anymore and my big Nordic-sized giant person’s bed is too high for her. She wishes to snuggle at my feet all night and is jealous that Nicki can sleep with me on the bed while she cannot. Perhaps, too, Cleo needs some sort of kitty gym membership or diet pills. She’s getting too fat!!

Nicki would like anything editable. She’s not too picky. She even eats olives! But she prefers fresh seafood and raw chicken, if you please. Nothing is too good for Nicki to stick her nose into. She would also like you to buy something which she can use against Cleo in a fight, but I won’t permit that.

Now here is what Mommy would like in no particular order.

1. A laptop. I haven’t done the research on what kind I would like. Perhaps your elves are experts on this. Just make sure it has an internal wireless card.

2. If I get said laptop, I will require a wireless router so that I can broadcast my internet connection, allowing me to use my laptop in the warm living room as opposed to the cold office.

3. An i-Pod. I used to have a Nano, which I left on a plane in Italy and have sorely missed since. Now I would like one of the regular 120 GB one. I will also need an external hard drive for my computer so that I can keep the millions of songs I will be storing once I have an i-Pod without killing the hard drive space on my PC.

4. A Giant Defy Alliance. I know I already have a road bike, but this one is so hot! I think I would use it for those rides in which I need to be extra light and fast, like when I ride up in flat Toledo. I am not sure it would be very good on the hills of the Cuyahoga Valley with its two rings even though these are supposed to be that new technology that supposedly has the same gear range as a triple. I’m not entirely sold on this idea, which is probably why I’m going to demo this bike this spring. (For I am not so sure Santa will be this kind to me.) The key word is always the “almost”–the gear range is “almost” as wide as a triple. I’m thinking of the Fall N Leaf ride when I had to walk my current bike up one hill because I needed just one more gear lower and I’d already bottom out.

5. New cycling shoes. My current ones, though cute because they match my bike, have a problem where the material within the heel is lumping up and I can’t move it back up. Thus, they’ve become a little uncomfortable to ride in.

6. A Century Cycles gift certificate so that I can go by myself the winter pants I want (which I can also use for skiing!).

7. A massive snow storm in Ellicottville, NY so that my New Year’s trip to Holiday Valley and Holimont is like skiing in Colorado! (In other words, I want better than your average east skiing conditions!) I don’t know if you have the power to move the weather, but I thought perhaps you have a better connection than I do to someone in higher authority, what with you being a saint and all.

8. Electric feet warmers for my ski boots. I’ve noticed that my feet are getting much too cold in my boots. Last winter in Colorado, my toes froze so bad that when we stopped for lunch to thaw out, my feet hurt so much, I could barely walk, even with taking them out of my boots. I think that time my hiking group was on St. Mary’s Glacier during the blizzard in Colorado, I got frost bite on my feet. They say once you have frost bite, your feet get colder faster. You wouldn’t want that to effect my skiing any, now would you?

9. Steve Kilbey’s new solo CD, Painkiller, which seems to be having an extreme amount of difficulty getting ahold of. This is the lead singer of The Church, one of my favorite bands. I’m very depressed because the only website besides that is selling it is in Australia and I can’t procure it from there without paying $40 in shipping (as far as I understand).

10. A neeeeEEEEEw car! Something safe for driving in Ohio’s scary winter weather. I give up on trying to pick out the right one. I’m sure your elves have better product knowledge than I do. Make sure it’s gas efficient and not one of those guzzling SUVs. The cars I’ve been looking at lately have included: Honda Fit, Toyota Matrix, Subaru Impreza (4wd!!), Honda Element, Honda CRV, and the Scion. Please help me decide on the best car for both my sporting “on the go” lifestyle and winter driveability/safety.

I think that’s it. I hate to be materialist, but these are the things I’ve been wanting all year. I know, I make good money. Eventually I’ll get around to buying some of the items on the list. Perhaps I shall have to wait for tax season. I promise you that I’ve been good all year. A girl can dream, right? =) Besides, you know I’ll leave you a loaf of pumpkin bread and a bottle of wine…

6 thoughts on “Dear Santa

  1. This makes me want to write a letter to Santa too! The last one I wrote was when I was four years old. I’m horrible at correspondence! :)

  2. I need help with some of these big ticket items I want since I know that no one in my family will get them. ;) Tee-hee, the materialist in me thought she could give it a go. Otherwise, I will have to wait until I get my tax return to purchase one of these items (iPod or laptop, which shall it be?).

  3. I’m not Santa (besides it’s past Christmas now), but I can help you with #9 on your list. You can get <>Painkiller<> shipped from Karmic Hit for a bit over $7 US (the total for the cd and postage is a bit under $25 US according to the currency converter I just checked). When you go to checkout do not click on the International Courier option, instead click on the Australia Post option. Courier is Australian for express mail; Australia Post is pretty much the same as our First Class International. You don’t need courier — once mailed, the Aus Post option usually takes about a week to arrive for me. KH is run by Steve’s youngest brother, John, who also has another job, so it sometimes takes him a few days to mail out orders. Still, KH is a great way to make sure most of the money you pay goes to the actual artist. And if you see other cds of interest there, the postage stays $10 AU for a few cds. :-) And if you are at all interested in Steve’s paintings (very possibly with words and music to accompany each painting), with any luck there will be an exhibition of his paintings in Pittsburgh this spring. Ok, I’ll go away now….

  4. Eek, thanks! I had wondered about that. I’d started to order from KH but I was confused as to whether I had to use that option International Currior option. But since I dont, maybe I will order it through KH instead. I’d rather Kilbey get most of the money…

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