Animal’s Christmas

Once again, I introduce my furry brothers and children as they experience Christmas Day.

Brother Kerbe attends the present-opening festivities. Poor guy walks with much discomfort these days. It’s painful to watch, but his tail is still a’wagin’ so we know he’s happy to be with us.

Brother Foster is tired out!! He had a long day because he rode with me all the way back to Stow in the afternoon, and then back to my parents’ house, because I’d left the Christmas gifts at home.

My cat children, Nicki and Cleo, enjoy a feast of “turkey and cheese” wet food when I finally return home for good for the evening.

2 thoughts on “Animal’s Christmas

  1. Did you notice the lovely coffee flavor amidst the wine? This is one of my favorite Ohio wines. We–Michael and I–visit that winery quite often and are cozy with the wine maker.

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