And the snow is falling down

My theory of clearing snow from the driveway is thus: If I can still drive over the snow with my car, then the driveway does not need to be shoveled. There’s just no sense in trying to defeat mother nature. There ain’t no way you’re going to keep your driveway cleared to the pavement while the snow is still falling. Therefore, you just need to shovel enough that you can get out of the driveway.

This morning I woke up and, as predicted, we got about a foot of snow over night. Damn. No exercise for me this morning on the trainer. I knew that once I woke up, I was going to have to don my snow gear (which, incidentally, is the same as my ski gear) and shovel the driveway. And this process always takes about an hour.

The snow was pretty light for the most part. However, after an hour of swinging loads of it with a shovel over my shoulder, it felt like three tons. The muscles in my right arm–the favored lifting side–are feeling a little strained right now. I suppose I did enough cardio to make up for not using my trainer… Some people ask me why I don’t have a snowblower. It just seems like a lot of money for something I only have to use once or twice a year. Besides, I’m young and not likely to have a heart attack while shoveling. Though, as I look outside right now, I see that since I finished an hour ago, there’s about another inch of snow on my driveway.

I sure wish I was at a ski resort right now. I was tempted to use the Boston Bumps/Brandy-Wwwwhine (Boston Mills/Brandywine) gift certificate I won at my professional organization’s charity raffle. I bet, though, those tiny slopes (only about 5-6 slopes in both “resorts”) are crowded today. I just wish we’d gotten dumped on this last weekend–just think of all the black diamond runs I’d have fearlessly conquered!

Of course, I had to make my obligatory snow angel. Some people never grow up.

And the view down my street is pictured below. The mailman got stuck earlier coming up the hill (not shown). Thanks to the city of Stow for their great plowing services on the side streets.


4 thoughts on “And the snow is falling down

  1. Plowing services on side streets? The city of Seattle needs to learn from Stow that plowing is a good thing. It would be nice if Seattle would at least plow the main roads.

  2. Except, when the city finally DOES plow your street, they manage to knock out your mailbox… and apparently, they dont offer to fix it for you. A-holes. That was a nice “surprise” to find this morning…

  3. My theory of clearing snow from the driveway is thus: I drive a Jeep Wrangler, why do I need to shovel??? Although Jeff is still obsessed with shoveling the walkway and a path along the driveway to walk through, which I suppose the mail carrier is grateful for, and probably whoever delivers our newspaper, too, since Sunday morning our paper, rather than being flung onto our porch from the street, was clearly neatly set right in front of our door so that all I had to do was open the door and stoop down to get it. Thanks, paper delivery person!

  4. I figured you’d say that about your Jeep! ;) If I had one, I’d never shovel either.Although, to your point, the one thing I did forget to do was shovel my walkway to the front door. I dont get the paper (never read the paper) and my mail man uses the (knocked over) box at the end of my driveway so I didnt figure I needed to shovel it since I go in and out through the garage. Until Michael came over my house and had no way to get to my front door… Oops!

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