Rick Warren

Sucks. I can tell just from his speech. ‘Nuff said.

That Reverend Joseph Lowery was pretty cool, though. He preached my talk with his invocation to God to lead us “to the side of love.” Very UU. Good job. Though, I tried not to giggle too hard. He sounded like Kermit the Frog. But I gotta give the guy a break; he’s 80 years old. Who knows what Muppets’ character I will sound like when I’m 80 years old. You’re allowed to laugh at me when that happens.

And I missed Obama saying the oath of office because a coworker chose THAT MOMENT to come speak to me about something work-related. WTF? I’ve been here all morning!!

10 thoughts on “Rick Warren

  1. Now I didn’t think that Warren’s invocation was that bad. Yes, it was blatantly Christian-based, but he’s a Christian minister and Obama is a Christian, too, so really what did one expect. If Obama didn’t want the invocation to be so Christian-filled he should have asked a UU minister to perform it instead. (I know, Hei, when you become President that’s what you’ll do.) At least he didn’t say, “And God, look over all of us except those gays.” He did try to be all-inclusive, even from a Christian viewpoint.However, what was with that poet??? I wanted to rip the pages out of her hand and start reading it myself. My word, you’d think she’s never performed poetry in public before. Poetry is supposed to flow, be rhythmic, not sound like your seventh grade science teacher lecturing with pauses after every other word.

  2. Di, please note that I applauded the guy who did the benediction even though he was Christian-based. He said more things I could relate to instead of that crazy-man babbling Jesus rant that Warren went on. He sounded like a freak, all out of breath and ranting and raving. Mega-church assed slick preacher. And, by the way, I hated him already because he’s anti-gay.Erm. That’s not very UU of me. I don’t mean I <>hate<> him… I disagree with his inability to respect the inherent dignity and worth of all human beings… yeah, like that!As for the poet reading… Look, Di, have you ever heard me read in public?? I cant read like you in public… I get all nervous and I suck. I am quite sure I would have sounded like that had I had to read any of my poems. The words for her poem was great, though.

  3. OK, I’m curious, which part of Rick Warren’s invocation did you deem “crazy man babbling Jesus rant,” because I thought everything was well spoken and well thought out. Granted, I also knew NOTHING about him prior to hearing him speak other than he, like so many others, supported Prop 8 and preached for it to pass, so I didn’t have any real bias prior to hearing him speak. I actually read some comments elsewhere from people who were mad because they didn’t think he evoked Jesus ENOUGH. And you do NOT sound bad when you read. Nervous, maybe, but you donn’t sound so – so – boring and monotonastic (yes, I think I just made that word up). Your voice actually does convey some inflection when you read aloud. This poet didn’t sound nervous at all. She didn’t sound anything at all – I think she may have been an android!

  4. I had problems with the invocation of the Lord’s Prayer. And if you think I’m being overly picky, a few people have piped in on Peacebang’s blog about it… Because if you’re assuming your audience is multi-cultural (ie, multi religions), it was pushing osmething on everyone. I’m tired of the associations of this country as a Christian nation. Everyone else spoke of the diversity of the nation, including Obama who even cited non-believers as being a part of America (which, by the way, NO PRESIDENT has done. Including our beloved GW who seems to question that non-believers should be citizens of the US).Some of the ministers on Peacebang’s blog said that though they are Christian, they would not have invoked the Lord’s Prayer on this particular occasion.I also am lead to wonder if an atheist is ever “allowed” to make office in this nation. Some Christians seem to think atheists, being “godless,” are monsters, capable of murder and treachery of all kind. You’ve known me for years, and I’m most certainly NOT a murder. I couldnt even kill an animal for food, I am so squeamish about these things. (My atheist statis is debateable… I call myself more like a spiritual agnostic these days, but I identify most strongly as an atheist because that’s what I’ve been most of my life.)So, anyway, he was panting and melodramatic like one of those annoying televangelists, where as that Lowery dude spoke of bringing all different kinds of people together. Yeah, he had Christian undertones to his benediction and he even mentioned Jesus, but he didnt sound like he was going out to battle to “fight the fight” as my mom and I always said–to turn all us heathen non-Christians into the side of God.(I’m already on the side of God. I just have different philosophical beliefs on God’s nature than Christians.)

  5. I agree with you Mars Girl. I was very put-off by Rick Warren’s invocation too. Just seemed so exclusive.But then President Obama’s speech ROCKED! And I thought the benediction was sweet and thoughtful and kind of amusing.

  6. I was amused by Lowery because he sounded like Kermit the Frog… =) And he liked to rhyme.May yellow be mellow.Red can get ahead.White do what’s right.That was a little weird.But I was totally behind his statement imploring God to help Americans make “choices on the side of love, not hate, on the side of inclusion not exclusion, tolerance not intolerance.”Inclusion means not saying the Lord’s Prayer to a mixed audience.Somehow, I think Rick Warren does not know what inclusion means, as he totally intends to exclude homosexuals from our society and from having the same things any heterosexual person is given innately–family, home, the ability to show love in public for their mate.Warren is precisely the kind of guy this world needs a little less of. I’m thinking (hoping) that these fundamental evangelicals will all eventually die off, leaving behind the religious liberals who interpret the Bible on the side of love, not judgment.

  7. Someone commented here that Obama could have put a UU minister here.Well – When he spoke in Golden, Colorado, none other than our minister, Peter Morales (himself a candidate for the presidency – of the UUA that is) spoke the invocation. I filmed the entire event for Free Speech TV and placed Peter’s convocation on my blog, along with a transcript. I thought it was very good.It’s at http://juuggernaut.wordpress.com/

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