Obama is already MY president!

Two days in office and Obama already has achieved a high approval rating from Mars Girl with what he’s already done in office:

Salary freeze on his staff– About frakking time someone put a lid right at the source. Employees throughout the rest of the country are faced with salary freezes right now and I’m pleased that it extends to our government. This action shows me that Obama doesn’t intend to reap the benefits of his position while promising change for all of us little guys pushing our way through the strains of our daily job.

Closing Gitmo – When I heard this morning about Obama’s drafted order to close Guantanamo Bay within the next year, I did a little happy dance in the shower. I do not condone torture and there’s been a serious breech of protocol going on down there. Close that frakking base down. We don’t need it. We have an obligation to treat prisoners humanely.

I think we as a race have a real chance here to be better than our bestial nature. If there’s a God, that’s what he wants of us. We don’t get a free pass, in my opinion, to give into our baser natures while we’re alive just because Jesus Christ walked the earth. A man cannot say he raped a girl because he couldn’t control his urges; likewise, we human beings can’t surrender to barbarism because our baser nature urges us to seek revenge. I don’t care if others don’t “play fair” in war. We have a real opportunity here to be the better person–the more civilized society. “Do unto others as you would have done to you” does not mean you should be allowed to treat the enemy like something less than human.

I’m already pleased with what Obama’s done. The dust has barely settled from all the Inaugural parties and already Obama’s rolled up his sleeves and started making positive change. I don’t remember ole GW getting down to business this fast. I am seeing good things for the future. I hope some of the neo-cons realize the significance of this moment.

One of my good friends relayed the following to me in an email message on Inauguration Day, “I couldn’t help thinking while listening to the inauguration speech that it is within Obama’s power to return the rights lost by Californians and provide them to the rest of us. Until we all share the same basic human rights, we cannot be free.”

I hope she’s right! I hope the publicly validated discrimination that was allowed to take place under GW gets wiped away over the next four years. I feel like close-minded hysteria has ruled the last eight years. We let a loud minority group of religious fanatics to have too much voice. It’s time to start acting rational again.

3 thoughts on “Obama is already MY president!

  1. I personally think he’s just trying to not offend the right… It’s an unpopular stance right now to be for gay marriage and all the lefties dance around the issue so that people dont hate them. Though, Joe Biden did say on the Ellen Degeneris show that he was for gay marriage…

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