Unsolicited sponsorship solicitation

All right, y’all. I signed up for the MS 150. ‘Cause I don’t know any better. And if you’d like to help me at least reach the required sponsorship minimum of $250, I’d be much appreciative. Just click the link above and fire away.

If you’d like me to go frak myself, you’re not donating any money to any of my stupid causes, then kindly just ignore this blog entry (in lieu of bombing me with verbal threats–it makes me lose respect for you even though I know you’re just trying to tell me to take you off my email spamming list).

And, yes, I realize I haven’t updated my participant page from last year’s. I’ll get to updating it later. There’s only so much goofing off I can do in one sitting.

(Don’t hurt me, Diane.)

4 thoughts on “Unsolicited sponsorship solicitation

  1. Why am I going to hurt you? Just remind your readers that while they’re in the giving spirit, they can also stop by my donation page for the Tour de Cure, too! :)

  2. You keep saying that and then you never leave the link!! ;)Anyway, I’m just asking for people to get me to the $250 rider minimum. I guess my elite status as a Golden Spoke is going to go down the tubes… *violins play softly sad music*

  3. Well, since you ask, the link for our team page is:http://main.diabetes.org/goto/Doodle_n_Deedle_09and the link for my direct page is:http://main.diabetes.org/goto/Diane.Homza-Dacek.09And I see what you're doing with those soft violins. You know you're friends with a bunch of bleeding-hearts like me who can't help but donate to you even though you are only asking to get to your rider minimum and next thing you know you're going to surpass me & Jeff. Yep. I'm on to you, missy ;)

  4. Ha ha!! =) Not me!! *innocent look*I’ll be donating to yours as soon as I get done doing my taxes so that I know how much I’m getting back. Not that that matters, I’ll still donate to you, it’ll just inspire me to do it as I usually use a portion of my tax return for donations… AND… *queue music* hopefully I get enough to purchase an i-pod nano cuz I really, really, really want the PURPLE one!!Okay. Sorry. Got carried away with my materialistc consumerism… but I cant help but think how nice it will be to have an iPod again. Though, my DVD player just broke and I also could use a pair of snowshoes. The list of “needed” toys never ends.

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