Battlestar Galactica Epic in Haiku Continues

Hot off the presses, or the ink of my pen, folks: the next installment of my series of haiku poems describing the Battlestar Galactica epic. Enjoy!

Crumbling. Depressing fall.
Unending cycle.

Gaeta threatens Thrace
Brooding o’er his peg leg.
Mutinous traitor!

Young Nicholas, ill
Don’t need no Cylon blood gift
Hot Dog’s his daddy!

2 thoughts on “Battlestar Galactica Epic in Haiku Continues

  1. Ha ha, no. I never thought civilization was crumbling in the last 8 years; just the US and general sanity. ;) My fail safe is that I could always move to Canada or Europe or some more sane place on the planet, if I had to. I wouldnt feel bad about leaving my Puritan anchestors behind. ;)

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