Even more Battlestar Galactica Haiku

Especially for Joanna, new BSG haiku reflecting last week’s episode:

Cavill and Daniel
Cain and Abel enacted;
Glaring metaphor.

Woe is Kara Thrace!
Doesn’t know who she is, and
Anders can’t tell her.

Who mourns for Cavill?
Mad, jealous son of a bitch–
I mean, Ellen Tigh.

Apollo, VP
Roslin is ready to croak.
Let the people vote!

3 thoughts on “Even more Battlestar Galactica Haiku

  1. What a frakking a$$!I’m trying to figure out how riding bicycles = communist. I mean, I’m a liberal, so I’m already a “communist” but I know lots of conservatives who ride too. ;)

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