One more Battlestar Haiku

Inspired while listening to the Galactica Forum–a great podcast I found that discusses the episodes of Battlestar Galactica each week–I came up with yet another haiku.

What will Ellen do?
When she learns Six is with child,
Cat fight! Meow! Hiss!

Poor Saul and the dangerous women with whom he “comingles.”

By the way, an interesting tidbit I just read online is that Saul was named for Paul of Tarsas (Biblical reference, yes) because like he used to persecute the Cylons until he found he was one, much like Paul’s former persecution of Christians until he converted. I’m sure I don’t need to remind you insightful people out there that Paul of Tarsus was named Saul until he converted to Christianity.

Woo-hoo. I feel so smart now. My meager Christian knowledge sailed me through that comparison. But don’t ask me to explain anymore than that, for my claims to seeing the similarities between Saul Tigh and Paul of Tarsas end there. You more-read and devout Christians, if BSG fans, can fill in the rest of the details.

Anyway, I’m guessing this is the character Ron Moore claims he had always planned to be one of the Final Five Cylons.

2 thoughts on “One more Battlestar Haiku

  1. Ha ha! Did I not CALL that one? Ellen totally flipped out and the claws came out. Even as the reserved Cylon we saw in the previous episode, when it comes to Saul, she becomes a jealous, raging woman.Okay, I need to reflect some more on this episode to write some more BSG haiku… =) Since I seem to have a fan base now!

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