More bad television commericals

I’m really sick of the commercial for McDonald’s where the two guys are sitting in the coffee shop reading when the one says to the other, “You know, McDonald’s is serving cappuccinos now.” And then the guys devolve into all the grunting male Neanderthal stereotypes that are supposed to make us women swoon–t-shirts, no glasses, football. General anti-intellectualism. Yep, that’s what I surely want for mate: a man who sits around watching football, belching and high-fiving his buddy after each touch down. Yay.

This commercial makes me mad because it suggests that guys who read or participate in poetry or literature are something less than a man. Personally, I’d pick a guy sitting at a coffee shop reading a book over a football-watching, beer drinking guy. I love baseball, but if I had to pick between an intellectual man writing or reading poetry and a baseball-obsessed guy, I’d go for the poet. But I’m not all that attracted to our society’s stereotype of the “manly man.” I love emotional and sensitive men who don’t feel that these qualities compromise his masculinity. Just as a woman can embrace the traditionally male qualities in herself without compromising her feminine side, a man can exude manliness and sensitivity.

I’ve never been one of those girls to date a guy who is really bad for me. I’d like to say that every man I’ve ever dated has had a sensitive side to him and that was the side I liked the best. I’m just not into all that macho crap other girls seem to be attracted to. Male chauvinism is a total turn off to me. I expect to be treated with dignity and respect and I will return the same. I don’t know how I know how to pick men, maybe I’ve just been lucky. But I’ve never allowed myself to get into a relationship with a scum bag. Nice guys complain all the time that only the bad guys get the girl, but I can never understand this statement because I’ve never had a desire to date a bad guy. I refuse to think I’m the only girl out there who seeks the sensitive male.

In the commercial, incidentally, I think the guy with the glasses is the cutest. He can keep those glasses. I just wish he’d kept the sweater on–it looked way better on him than his t-shirt. He looks like the kind of nerdy guy I’d go for. I have trouble believing, as a viewer, that his character is the typical football obsessed male. His friend, on the other hand, seems like the typical jerk every nice guy seems to have as a friend.

I don’t know. The commercial just really irritates me, much like those stupid Jared commercials I bitched about last year. I hate how the marketing capitalizes on this insipid popularized image of how society is “supposed” to be. It’s some backward view of gender roles and gender expectations that still seems to be stuck somewhere in the 1950s. This is the 21st century; surely we can invent new societal expectations for ourselves. Preferably a modern one.

3 thoughts on “More bad television commericals

  1. i don’t like the talking fish commerical. It is just disturbing.Also, I don’t believe Mcdonald’s was implying that those “football loving” guys are dumb. It sounds like that is your opinion of “football loving” guys. Also, if I were to follow your model, wouldn’t “football loving” guys be too stupid to enjoy good coffee?

  2. Good point, Anon. I didnt mean to suggest that men who watch football are all Neanderthals. I guess the commercial got to me since it devolved the guys into a stereotype that I was familiar with. I happen to know many guys who enjoy football as well as a good book. My bad!What? I like the talking fish commercial! I think it’s hilarious. But that “Give me back the filet o’fish” rap thing gets stuck in your head. Which I think is what they want.

  3. I think the guys in the commercial were sipping cappuccinos and buying berets as part of an affectation that was allowing them to attempt lure haiku-loving women such as yourself, Heidi. You should be pleased that those guys showed their true colors before some perky art history major from Oberlin stumbled into the coffee house and fell into their trap.

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