On spring in NE Ohio

Yesterday–Beautiful warm evening, 65 degrees; the first time riding this year where I felt completely comfortable in shorts and short sleeve jersey (though I did wear arm warmers). Slammed a 16mph average (very rare) and enjoyed a short-lived victory as I pulled out ahead of all the guys for about a mile before we hit the hill below the Deep Lock Quarry parking lot. Sweet night of riding, feeling good. Almost like a cooler summer day.

Today–Rain, rain, rain. Fortunately, a “warm” rain at about 50-something degrees.

Weekend–Rain, wind, 50ish degrees. April showers bring May flowers? Baaah!

Next week–Temperature drop. Snow showers predicted for Tuesday and Wednesday. No sun in sight. Boo!!

I hate spring. Summer is my favorite. Fall, though variant weather like spring, at least offers the distraction of the colorful collage of leaves. And, anyway, the cool down is kind of nice and the energy of the season inspiring. Winter, you get used to it. I have skiing so it’s not so bad, but by February, you’re ready to be done. When spring comes, you’re just hungry for summer; the nice weather taunts. A cock-tease.

Once I put the good back tire on, I’m ready to ride like crazy all over the place… NEO weather has other plans. I’ll hold onto the hope that the weatherman is wrong and the clouds will part, bringing sun and more cycling adventure.


2 thoughts on “On spring in NE Ohio

  1. In the interest of clarity, I’ll mention that you didn’t “finish” before all the boys, did you? Still, an excellent effort for this early in the season.

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