Happy hour at Wolf Creek

As it was rainy and cold, Michael and I meandered down to Wolf Creek Winery in Norton for a little Friday evening relaxation and chilling out. We bought Subway sandwiches and enjoyed the *last* bottle of Exodus for the season. It was delish.

One of the Wolf Creek cats, sensing my affinity for cats–or rather, smelling the tuna in my flatbread sandwich–started hanging around our table, sitting in a one of the chairs like a person. She really knew how to work us. I gave her several chunks of tuna from my sandwich. Cats (and dogs and little children) know I’m a sucker for a cute face.

(Behold, the *last* bottle of Exodus next to the kitty.)

Later, when Michael took a trip to the rest room, he returned to find this kitty curled up on his chair. Because I’ve got him trained well, the cat lady that I am, Michael then took another chair at the table. She would leave our table and come back periodically. It was almost like drinking at home, only less annoying as Nicki is not polite enough to remain on the chairs, she likes to climb on the table instead.

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