Cyclist Haters?

Okay. Looking at the poll results, I notice that the current leading answer is “Get off the damn roads, cyclists.” And I have to ask: Um. Why are you reading my blog if you’re a cyclist hater? Is it not stated clearly in the mission statement of my blog that this blog is largely about cycling and how said cycling relates to my recovery as a widow? In case you forgot, I’ve reprinted the statement below (which also remains banked on the info bar on the right side of the blog):

The intent of this blog is to outline my cycling and traveling adventures. My love of cycling has sustained me through some rough times in my life. I want to share my love with my friends, family, and anyone else interested. This is my story. This is how I learned to find a healthy way to deal with loss and depression. The high you get from exercise is legal and free. The endorphins it produces are better than any that can be given to you in a prescribed drug. It’s my drug of choice.

So… Um… Doesn’t seem to be much question here about what my blog discusses. If you hate cyclists, does it not follow that you would then not really be that interested in reading this blog? Now, being the type of person who assumes the best in all people, I have to think you’re selecting that answer just to irritate me and inspire a rant. If so, okay, cool. I realize I take myself seriously–sometimes too seriously. I get it; you like to piss off the blogger. I have been known to be a ravel-rouser myself online (as my Highpointer friends well know).

However, if you aren’t joking and you really harbor unabashed hate for cyclists, I don’t understand at all why you are reading this blog. Do you do it to aggravate yourself, the way I read fundamentalist gay-hating blogs and propaganda so that I can get fired up and battle-ready? (I only do this every once in awhile… and I’ve been good about not flaming these people on their own blogs.) Why are you here? I’m curious. Explain yourself.

Just so you know, I just have no patience for haters of any kind (don’t have much patience for even myself when I’m in a hater mode). I would also suggest that perhaps you need to buy yourself a bicycle or take up running or other exercise you find less offensive because it’s obvious that you’re spending a bit too much time at home on the computer without exercise. If you exercised, your endorphins would be flowing and you’d be so high on the energy that you just wouldn’t even have the capacity to hate anyone… or be in such a general hurry in your life that the thirty seconds it takes to maneuver around “slow” moving vehicle such as a bicycle peculates such venomous hate within you.

I would also ask you to revisit my TPL blog entries which explain in detail the reason I enjoy long challenging rides and how healthy these activities are for me (and could be for you too!). I’m sorry, but there just ain’t enough bike paths out there to please me. I ride 3-4 times a week and would get very bored if I confined myself to bike paths. Most bike paths are also generally flat and I’d never have the opportunity to burn the big calories trying to get my butt up some steep grade hill.

Frankly, I don’t care less if you hate cyclists. I’m not getting off the road. So there :P But feel free to express why you have selected such a hateful way of responding to my poll. Just keep in mind that if you’re too nasty, I reserve the right to delete your comments. I’m not about hate here. It’s all about love. I don’t have time to deal with your personal psychological issues. As my favorite bicycle shop says, “Define your life. Ride a Bike.”

5 thoughts on “Cyclist Haters?

  1. Why put a “hater” option on your poll? It just encourages them and gives them the opportunity to hate anonymously.

  2. I dont know. Cuz I’m stupid. I seriously didnt think anyone reading my blog would pick that. I always put a grumpy response as my last answer… I guess I have more faith in people than I should. Oh well.

  3. I said that in my car a few days ago when it seemed every village’s idiot grabbed a bicycle as was out riding without consideration for themselves or motorists. I have nothing against cyclists or Mars Girl on Two Wheels. I have a big problem with Morons on Two Wheels, Three Wheels, and Four to Eighteen Wheels. I do not think you can be a moron and ride a unicycle though. Sometimes natural selection comes into play in the form of a big semi truck. But when nice days come why is it always the stupid people who jump on their rusted rides and hit the road first?

  4. I hear you there. There are even morons in my own cycling club. Those pictures I posted on the skinny blog entry? Yeah. The guy who took them habitually takes pictures WHILE he’s riding. He’s been pulled over by the cops in the Valley already once for riding left of center in oncoming traffic while photographing club members…

    There are other examples too. Like cyclists who never get out of the center of the road despite the many screams of “CAR BACK!!!” It’s like they expect the cars to move aorund them no matter where they are in the lane. The rules of the road state that slower traffic stays to the right. That’s bicycles. We can take whatever position we want in the road, but if a car is coming from behind who would undoutedly wish to pass, it’s our responsibility to move aside for them… Plain and simple. It’s polite. But also, it’s wise. Car = bigger and faster = can cause me to die if struck. I apply the same concept to semis when I’m in my car…

    Moron cyclists give the rest of us a bad name. Very sad.

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